Cong to EC: Restrain BJP supporters from using social media

Cong to EC: Restrain BJP supporters from using social media

Cong to EC: Restrain BJP supporters from using social media

Alarmed over use of social media allegedly by BJP supporters to spread communal hatred, Congress has approached the Election Commission saying they should be restrained and objectionable material should be removed from the Internet.

Citing various cases, AICC Legal department Secretary K C Mittal claimed that an incident of the desecration of the Indian National Flag by burning, which happened in Pakistan has been shown as having happened in Assam by members of a particular community from Bangladesh.

"This material has been posted by one of the office bearers of BJP Asmakhan Pathan (@PathanAsmakhan), Dist. President of BJP Minority cell Kheda whose photographs with Narendra Modi is also on the Internet. On further examination, more such offensive/fake material can be found on her page," Mittal told the EC.

Besides, he pointed to a photograph of a group of armed terrorists with covered faces allegedly posted by one Kiran Kumar S. "This photograph is in fact that of a report done by TIME published in 2007, of Palestinian Hamas militants, but the same has been shown on page 3 as a terrorist camp in Kerala", he said.

Another post allegedly made by one Anuj Kumar, who posted a photograph of an Indian flag burning in Kashmir. "On inspection, it was found that the photograph was in fact of an instance of Flag burning of the Indian Flag by Members of JUD in Pakistan in 2011."

Similarly, the same person posted a fake picture quoting Sonia Gandhi that she wants to bring in the Communal Violence Bill to strengthen the minority community. The statement is a "blatant lie" and the Congress President has never made any such statements, he said.

The nature of these posts seems to indicate that they are members/workers of the BJP. Such contents are not only in violation of the Model Code Of Conduct, but attract electoral and penal offences as well, he alleged.

"These are only few of the instances showing the fake propaganda seems to be pushed by BJP and their workers and supporters," he alleged.

Mittal urged the EC to immediately investigate into the matter and take action in accordance with the law.