Vote for discount in hospitals

Vote for discount in hospitals

Cast your vote and get a discount on medical treatment in some Rajasthan hospitals. This is yet one of the more innovative methods being adopted to make people go to the polling booth in the coming elections.

At least four hospitals in Jaipur and Jodhpur have announced they will give discounts on otherwise expensive medical treatments to people who cast their vote on April 17, when the first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha election takes place in the state.

Voting for the 25 parliamentary constituencies in the state will take place on April 17 and 24.

Virendra Pareek, spokesperson for Eternal Hearth Care Center & Institute in Jaipur, said the discount has been offered to people who will vote. “The people who seek the discount will have to show election ink on their nail. It will prove that they have cast their ballot,” said Pareek.

He added that there will be a 20 per cent discount on consultation charges. “Besides, we will offer 10 per cent discount on OPD investigation charges and five per cent discount on medical investigations and various diagnoses including on angiography and angioplasty.

“The voters will be able to avail the discount on April 17 when the first phase of voting will take place,” said Pareek.

Some other hospitals offering discount are Sri Ram Hospital, Preksha Hospital and Dhanvantari in Jodhpur. “We have two hospitals in Jodhpur, a 100-bed and other a 50-bed hospital and in both of these establishments we will offer 50 per cent discount on OPD charges and 30 per cent for medical tests and 20 per cent on surgeries,” said Sunil Chandak, owner of Sri Ram Hospital, Jodhpur.

He said that the idea is to encourage people to cast their votes. “We will be very happy if we can contribute even a small manner on this festival which comes after five years,” said Chandak.

Dhanwantari Hospital has offered 20 per cent discount on infertility treatment and Preksha has offered discount in the range of 22 to 33 per cent for OPD charges and diagnosis, said officials at these hospitals. All these hospitals in Jodhpur are offering discount on April 17 and April 18.

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