Panels in a range of colours

Last Updated 06 April 2014, 13:13 IST
It’s not enough to just have a fancy mobile phone anymore. Nowadays, for students in particular, the panels that go along with it are equally important.
Mobile panels, they point out, define a person’s taste and his or her style statement. 

Students tell Metrolife about the latest trends in panels. 

Neela Pal, a post-graduate student from New Horizon College of Engineering, loves to match her panels with her outfits. 

“I have a 
collection of both plain panels as well as those with cartoons and designs. 

People take care to match their 
outfits with panels, especially at parties,” she says. 

Explaining that it’s not possible to buy a new phone often, Radhika, another student, says that changing the panels on a regular basis gives the phone a new look. 
“It’s boring to keep looking at the same phone with the same panel. 

Changing the panel makes me feel like the phone is new,” she says. 

The student, who uses an iPhone, says that there are several 
options to go along with it. 
“I have a stock of plain colours which can be matched with any outfit. I keep track of the latest trends by observing the others in college. Some online shopping sites also 
offer an array of options,” she says. 

Sheetal, a professional who has a small collection, says that she goes in for quality. 

“From what I see, it’s quantity that many youngsters are opting for. However, I prefer going for good ones. For instance, I like to use the ones with ethnic designs when I attend weddings,” she says, adding, “I change the panels on a weekly basis.” 

Rashmi, another student, says, “I don’t like to repeat the panels that I use. It’s good to have something unique.” 

According to Satvik HP, a student, guys prefer either black or white panels. 

“I’ve noticed that boys like to keep it simple. Personally, I don’t like anything gaudy or flashy. I stick to plain white, which I feel looks classy,” he says. 

“However, if it’s based on a theme like ‘Transformers’ or ‘Batman’, I’d probably go for it,” he adds. 

For Edward Ronald, an undergraduate student, the biggest advantage of a panel is safety. 

“I usually don’t bother about the colour or style. I look at the finer details to see if the cover will protect my phone well,” he says. 

Edward points out that customised panels are a rage at the moment. 

“The market is flooded with a number of them. For instance, the customised ones on which you can have a photo of your loved ones are popular now,” he says.
(Published 06 April 2014, 13:12 IST)

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