People's Problems

People's Problems

Shoddy road work

The road from Sadarmangala to Aiyyapa Nagar was in a bad shape. After a long fight, construction started a month ago. But the quality of road being laid is no better. There are potholes left behind and one is inspecting the work. 

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Ply more BMTC buses

The BMTC buses to Kodichikkanahalli (Banneraghatta Road) are very few. 

It is a busy area and a large number of schoolchildren, students and officegoers are facing difficulty due to lack of bus facility. 

The 3F bus from Hosakerehalli to JP Nagar may please be extended up to Kodichikkanahalli. 

Garbage posing health risk
The residents of 11, 12 and 13th cross roads of Pampa Extension, Hebbal Kempapura have been facing garbage menace for the past few years due to the negligence of BBMP authorities. 

Mounds of stinking garbage remain uncleared for days posing health hazard. The residents are falling sick repeatedly. 

Will the authorities concerned take steps to clear the garbage regularly? Hope the officials concerned will look into the problem immediately.

Nanjappa and Povappa

Faulty water meter installed in residence
The water meter (No S-574188/59-216) at my residence, coming under jurisdiction of Kothanur Dinne, JP Nagar BWSSB sub-division, recorded an abnormal meter reading of 6,98,000 litres amounting to Rs 29,000 for the month of January 2014.

This has happened after installing new meters in our area by the board in the month of December 2013. It looks like whosoever did this must have entered the reading incorrectly from the old meter to the new meter. 

Our regular water consumption is between 10,000 and 25,000 litres every month which ranges between Rs 200 and 600 only. 

When we met some of the staff, they refused to help us quoting some problem in the meter reading and asked us to clear these huge arrears without any explanation.

 We had to make numerous rounds to the office and finally gave complaint to the authority concerned. However, the problem has not been solved till this day.  We request the BWSSB to resolve this matter soon.


Construct road divider
A road divider has been created near Sampige Cinema by placing stones which are not cemented. Some of the stones have moved here and there thus making it dangerous for two-wheeler riders. As soon as the signal turns red drivers go to the other side of the divider (there are gaps opposite Mantri Greens). Will the authorities rectify the faults. 

Ajay Ghatage, Srirampuram

Auto drivers fleecing commuters in LBS Nagar

There are many unauthorised autorickshaw stands in and around the residential area of L B Shastri Nagar, creating nuisance in the locality due to unruly behaviour of the drivers. Most of the auto drivers do not have the mandatory badge and refuse to play to any other place except HAL bus stop, which is hardly 1.5 km away from this locality. And for this short distance the auto drivers demand a minimum of Rs. 50.Haphazard parking of the autos near a super market, near a bakery of 7th cross, near an apartment of 7th ‘A’ cross, and so on always create traffic jams, arguments and fighting among the drivers, residents and commuters. The residents therefore request the authorities concerned, namely, the regional transport officer (East) and traffic police of the HAL to take action against the unruly auto drivers.

Hemachandran P, Vimanapura

Repair clogged drainage

We are struggling for years now due to a drainage overflow problem in HSR Layout, 6th Sector, 6th Main, 14th ‘B’ Cross. Whenever the drainage gets blocked in the mainline, our basement gets flooded with drainage water. This happens always during rainy season and currently due to a drainage block as well. Pumps are used at the 5th Main and the problem is solved for one/two days, but surfaces again. We request the BWSSB to check the drainage system on 6th Main.

Siddapur road in poor condition

The road leading to Lalbagh Siddapura from Lalbagh West gate is in a pathetic condition. The road has been dug for laying sewage pipes, but has not been restored after the completion of the work. Since the asphalted surface of the road has been ripped off, a thick cloud of dust emanates, and has been responsible for several health problems. 

The work on laying a drainage pipe in the second cross has been going on for over two months, but at a snail’s pace.  Hope the authorities concerned will look into the problems and take immediate remedial steps.


Tree endangering lives at Chinnappa Garden

A mishap is awaiting to happen at Chinnappa Garden , IV Main Road. A coconut tree infested with termites stands here and may come down crashing any moment, posing threat to life and property. The Bescom has erected a huge electrical junction adjacent to the tree and it is also a junction where four roads meet.After many failed attempts to get the tree chopped, the matter was brought to the notice of Bescom. They inspected the place and said the tree had to be chopped, but expressed inability to do the same citing that they had no cranes and other equipment for the purpose. Bescom passed the buck to the Forest department following which a second inspection was conducted. The Forest department too is singing the same tune. Two months have passed and nothing has been done so far. If the departments concerned complain about unavailability of equipment, what can the common man do? If action is not initiated at the earliest, the tree will come crashing down. It is high time that the departments concerned wake up and take action. The residents are in perpetual fear as the tree wobbles violently with the wind. 

Nawazuddin Siddique, Chinnappa Garden

BBMP responses

GRIEVANCE: Jaraganahalli lake facing extinction due to dumping of debris.

Response: Executive  Engineer (Lake) reported the problem. Bangalore Development Authority commissioner has stated  that steps would be initiated by the authority to restore  the lake since the lake is in custody of BDA. The commissioner also directed his subordinates to take up the matter at the earliest and see to it that the garbage is no more dumped into the Jaraganahalli lake and in flow of sewage water to it is stopped. 
GRIEVANCE: Construct skywalk near Dairy Circle

Response: Executive engineers from the traffic engineering cell reported the problem and floated the tenders through e-procurement for building the pedestrian skywalk with lift facility on Hosur Road near Christ College on a public private partnership model. The tender for maintaining the skywalk to be built on Design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (DBOOT) basis has been approved. 
GRIEVANCE: Garbage posing serious health risks in Sarvagnanagar.

Response: Executive engineers from environment cell, Sarvagnanagar BBMP division, reported the problem and got the garbage cleared from No 27, 7 A Main Road, HRBR Layout 1st Stage. 
All queries have been answered by BBMP Public Relations Officer S S Khandre.