His voting zeal dwarfs over others

His voting zeal dwarfs over others

Kartik Dhir is just a little over three feet high. But he created a stir at a polling booth at Janakpuri in West Delhi constituency.

The chartered accountancy student arrived at the model polling booth of Janakpuri with his family to cast his vote at about 10:30 am.

While most heads in the polling booth were turned towards him, it did not strike them till late that he might require a chair to be able to reach the EVM.

The polling agents sprang from their seats to fetch a chair when they observed 22-year-old Dhir having to jump up to see the election symbols on the the machine.
By the time someone brought a chair for him to stand on, Dhir had already exited the cubicle containing the EVM. “I have already cast my vote,” he told the polling agent with a smile.

Dhir told Deccan Herald that this was the second time in his life that he voted. “I did not use a chair even during the Delhi Assembly elections,” he said.

Earlier, people lined up outside the polling booth moved steps behind to allow him to vote ahead of them. However, not only did he choose to stand in the queue as any other person, he also offered to accommodate an aged voter ahead of him.

Sweet as he may appear and sound, but when asked about which party he voted, he said, “I will keep that a secret.”