New Kejri video makes rounds on social media

New Kejri video makes rounds on social media

The AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal has gone Gandhian in a video released on the polling day in the city.

He said in the clip that his attackers are victims of poverty. In the run-up to the Lok Sabha election, the party is planning more such videos in the coming weeks.
In the over four-minute video clip, he accuses the ‘rich and corrupt’ for sponsoring the attacks.   
“I have been attacked with ink, punches, eggs, slaps. I have been attacked in various ways. But I never accuse my attackers,” he said.

In the video, Kejriwal is seen asking for forgiveness from his aggressors.

He appeals to his supporters to construct a nation where people like his attacker, Lalli don’t remain poor.

The AAP leader was attacked when Lalli, an autorickshaw driver, slapped him during a roadshow in Sultanpuri where he was canvassing support for his party’s North West Delhi candidate, Rakhi Birla on Tuesday. After the incident, Lalli was beaten up by AAP supporters.

At another instance in the video, Kejriwal says that his ‘aam aadmi’ movement has shaken the roots of ‘rich and communal’. He also said that the movement would change the social and economic structure of the society.

“You have started to challenge them… their rich comfort. You know whom I am talking about,” he said. “You have shaken the roots of corrupt and communal people… they are thinking how dare they!’

He said that ‘they’ have exposed the corrupt. “That is why they attack us. This is not the last attack,” he adds, pointing out that as the ‘movement’ grows the attacks would intensify.

“My family is worried. But I am not worried. Because all those who are watching the video are equal to 100 Kejriwals,” he said.

He also urges his supporters not to resort to violence. Kejriwal said that in times to come, the ‘corrupt’ would fuel anger in people. “But we would never take to violence. You swear on me and I swear on you,” he says in the clip, asking viewers to fight the system, which creates a situation where ‘common men’ are exploited.

AAP IT head Ankit Lal said that his party come would come up with more such videos in the weeks ahead. He also said that the previous video titled ‘Smavad’ featuring Kejriwal has received more than 1.4 lakh shares on social media sites.

Lal added that using the social media is an attempt at reaching people directly and not rely on traditional news sources.

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