Ajith clinches 100M gold

Bethanys Praneetha pips Abimathi for girls under-16 100M title

Ajith clinches 100M gold

The Brigade School’s Jaya Nanthini J (right) en route to winning the 100M gold in the girls under-12 category at the Deccan Athletic Club meet on Sunday. DH Photo

The lanky 15-year-old crossed the finish line in a wind aided time of 11.8 seconds while second placed St Philomena’s Prashath Dwivedi, who initially was in the lead, finished behind with a time of 12.2 seconds. Narayan Sharalay of Delhi Public School (12.4) came in third.

In the corresponding girls’ category, Bethany High School’s Praneetha Pradeep beat a tough challenge from the following pack to win gold.

Abimathi S of India International (14 seconds) finished in second place while Monika S (14.2) came in third.

Results: Boys: U-16: 100M: Ajith G (Sri Vidya Mandira) 1; Prashanth Dwivedi (St Philomena’s) 2; Narayan Sharalay (Delhi Public School) 3. T: 11.8S.
800M: Rahul Hegde BK (Bharath Vidya Niketan) 1; Remendu Gautam (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Aravind I (The Best High School) 3. T: 2:13.9.

3000M: Arivin I (The Best High School) 1; Vivek Giri (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Abhilash M (Indiranagar High School) 3. T: 10:55.8.

110M hurdles: Don Bosco (Evershine High School) 1; Aravind Tej J (Indiranagar High School) 2; Maanav R Kapai (Vidya Niketan High School) 3. T: 17.4S.
Long jump: Prasanth Dwivedi (St Philomena’s) 1; Ruthvik TS (Bethany High School) 2; Rohith P (Evershine High School) 3. D: 5.70M.
Triple jump: Deepak V (Evershine High School) 1; Aravind Tej J (Indiranagar High School) 2; Manav R Kapai (Vidya Niketan School) 3. D: 11.89M.
High jump: Jesse Sandesh (Mahila Seva Samaj High School) 1; Ruthvik TS (Bethany High School) 2; Deepak V (Evershine High School) 3. D: 1.65M.
Shot put: Uday Kumar (Sri Ramakrishna High School) 1; Mohammed Alikhan (The Best High School) 2; Rajesh NC (Aata Odanaata) 3. D: 9.72M.
U-13: 100M: Pavan Kumar (Rashtriya Military School) 1; Anish Kumar Singh (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Mohith Reddy K (Ryan International School) 3. T: 13.00S.
800M: Adithya Shankar (Vidya Niketan School) 1; Suhas Y (Shanti Niketan Trust) 2; Pavan Kumar (Rashtriya Military School) 3; T: 2:46.3.
3000M: Suhas Y (Shanti Niketan Trust ) 1; Suresh Kumar (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Akaksh Sharma (Rashtriya Military School) 3. T: 12:44.7.
800M: Kundan Kumar (India International Trust) 1; Vishal Singh (RM School) 2; Abhishek Chatophadhyay (Rashtriya Military School) 3. T: 13.9S.
Long jump: Lokesh S (Balayesu High School) 1; Prarabdh Bhadoriya (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Pavan S Shekar (Carmel School) 3. D: 4.70M.
Triple jump: Prarabdh Bhadoriya (Rashtriya Military School) 1; Adithya Shankar (Vidya Niketan School) 2; Rajat Kumar Dalal (Rashtriya Military School) 3. D: 9.80M.
High jump: Kundan Kumar (India International School) 1; Yash M Khakhar (Vidya Niketan School) 2; Abhishek Chattopadhyay (Rashtriya Military School) 3. D: 1.53M. Shot put: Tushar N Yadav (Carmel School) 1; Anish Kumar (Rashtriya Military School) 2; Mohith Reddy K (Ryan International School) 3. D: 8.35M.
Girls: U-15: 100M: Praneetha Pradeep (Bethany High School) 1; Abimathi S (India International) 2; Monika S (Balayesu Vidya High School) 3. T: 13.3S.
800M: Rashmita S (Mahila Seva Samaja High School) 1; Nivetha T (RV Public School) 2; Bency B rehel (Mary Immaculate High School) 3. T: 2:39.0.
1500M: Rashmita S (Mahila Seva Samaja High School) 1; Chandana H (Carmel School) 2; Madhura (New Florence High School) 3. T: 5:33.8.
100M hurdles: Sristi Sunil (Vidya Shilpa Academy) 1; Meghana Shetty (Stella Mary’s High School) 2; Rachita KS (National Public High School) 3. T: 17.0S.
Long jump: Praneetha Pradeep (Bethany School) 1; Dhanya Han (Holy Angels) 2; Vaishali Somaiah (Clarence School) 3. T: 5.24M.
Triple jump: Meghana Shetty (Stella Mary’s School) 1; Vaishali Somaiah (Clarence High School) 2; Namratha Menon (Sacred Heart Girls School) 3. D: 10.46M.
High jump: Sristi Sunil (Vidya Shilpa Academy) 1; Zeewalasu Yolineira (Stella Mary’s) 2; Dhanya Kumar (Holy Angels) 3. D: 1.51M.
Shot put: Neha Marla (Vidya Neketan School) 1; Ravina (Stella Mary’s) 2; Shidra Sharief (Holy Angels) 3. D: 6.78M.
U-12: 100M: Jaya Nathini J (The Brigade School) 1; Gargi Sivaram (The Brigade School) 2; Ela Manya Navin (Sacred Heart’s) 3. T: 15.2S.
800M: Syed Mehreen (Holy Angel’s) 1; Akansha PR (Vidya Niketan) 2; Aishwarya D (Holy Angel’s) 3. T: 3:09.5.
1500M: Aishwarya D (Holy Angel’s) 1; Asfiya Azeez (Holy Angel’s) 2; Karthika A (Holy Angel’s) 3. T: 7:13.6.
60M hurdles: Aqileena (Holy Angels) 1; Riya (Baldwin High School) 2; Cynthia Joy J (Vidya Niketan School) 3. T: 13.6S.
Long jump: Gargi Shivaram (The Brigade School) 1; Kuthuja Kahanum (Holy Angel’s) 2; Sristi M Bosco (India International) 3. D: 3.85M. Triple jump: Jagarti Bansal (Vidya Niketan School) 1; Annapusana G (CMR National Public) 2; Aquileena (Holy Angel’s) 3. D: 1.27M.
Shot put: jaya Nanthini J (The Brigade School) 1; Ahana Appaiah (Vidya Niketan School) 2; Vaishnavi (Vidya Niketan School) 3. D: 6.90M.

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