In harmony with Nature

In harmony with Nature

We live in a society where everyone tries to make everything look right. But the fact remains that we humans are highly unpredictable compared with the laws of Nature that are not only fixed and determinable, but also predictable. In short, Nature, the five elements, the flora and fauna, act according to a highly integrated and balanced system.

The same theory applies for animals, too, who act and behave according to their instincts. The laws of karma bind every single action performed by a human being. Hence, like the physical laws, spiritual laws are also ineluctable and immutable. That is why any action done with a righteous, noble, pure and benevolent motive will bring peace, joy and contentment to the doer and to those whom the action influences.

Whereas, deeds done with an unrighteous, impure, base and selfish intent will bring peacelessness and sorrow to the doer. However, we humans who are considered to be the most developed and evolved species of living forms on earth are a class apart. We express ourselves, through different languages, we are too status-conscious, follow intricate rituals and customs and have a strong sense of individuality that makes us want things to happen our own way.

The most critical faculty that distinguishes us from the rest of the species is our intellect. It is in fact a divine gift to humans, through which we can rise to the highest level of divinity. But a thorough research done over the years shows that in the long course of human journey through repeated rebirths and interaction with matter and other humans, the original power and purity of human intellect gradually diminishes. This slow decay manifests in the form of weaknesses or vices such as lust, anger, greed, ego, etc.

The same intellect, which exalts us to the status of divine beings, when wrongly used, can turn us into the most fearsome, terrible and destructive beings on this earth as is often witnessed today. One must remember that Mother Nature never inflicts  pain on humans but continues to sustain us and replenish its resources even after over-exploitation by humans. But due to mass degradation of human intellect, the elements of Nature show aberrations in the form of earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, fires, drought, etc.

So what is the solution to this mass degradation of human intellect? The only one that can be thought about at this point is to cure human nature, without which there cannot be harmony between Nature and humans. For, in there lies the seed of all goodness, the potential to become pure, divine and peaceful beings who live and let everything on this earth exist in its natural order. Being natural means to exist in the original true awareness of being peaceful, pure and blissful souls playing our part as human beings.

Returning to this true nature will restore everything in this world to its original harmonious order and bring enlightenment in the form of sparkling morning dew on a grass blade over the meadows in perfect co-existence.