On-screen kissing is just a hype: Siddharth

On-screen kissing is just a hype: Siddharth

On-screen kissing is just a hype: Siddharth

Newcomer Siddharth Malhotra feels kissing in movies has been given too much importance when it is not such a big deal.

In his upcoming film 'The Villain', the actor has a kissing scene with co-star Shraddha Kapoor.

"I think it is hyped out. I don't know why it is a big deal to kiss in a film when they are in love. We all have intimate moments with our loved ones in real life and that is what we are trying to portray (through films)," Siddharth said.

Siddharth, who was here at the cover launch of Men's Health magazine, has no qualms about being admired for his fitness.

"For me fitness is being healthy and fit. So that one can enjoy different activities, be it sports or anything. I like being fit. Fitness is not about restricting from what you want to eat, but it is important to balance it out," he said.

"If one wants to stay stylish you need to be fit. If you have a good physique, you can make even a basic pair of blue denims and white shirt look good on you," he added.

The actor agrees that maintaining six pack abs is not a cakewalk.

"It is tough for everybody to have six pack abs. We are not body builders, it is important to stay fit and be able to run and do exercise and have good stamina. It is nice to be in a good shape. But one needs to be healthy and fit first, then abs and all come, it adds to the personality. There is lot of hard work going into it (making six pack abs)," Siddharth said.