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Today's letters



Dinakaran issue

This refers to the news item: 'Dinakaran may face transfer' (DH Dec 6).  With the government returning the case file to CJI requesting him to institute a probe, perhaps the curtains are down for the controversial Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P.D.Dinaikaran's elevation to Supreme Court.

Government should not have dragged its feet or protracted for so long, despite the circumstances leading to his alleged involvement in encroaching swathes of government land.  It is indeed a victory for various bodies that are fighting tooth and nail against his elevation due to his rectitude and probity in public life is questionable.

H.P. Murali

Bank Crisis

Last week an MOU has been signed between the PSU Bank Unions and the Government about implementation of 2nd Pension scheme for the bank employees. Within just 10 days of the MOU, about  1 lakhs Officers  and 1.5 lakhs clerks are reported to have  forwarded their VRS applications under new pension scheme. And another one lakh bank employees are expected to submit their VRS applications  within next three months,    which means about 40% of the entire bank staff will opt for VRS by March 2010.      Even now there were the instances of the bank officers not getting leave for own daughter's marriage or fathers annual death ceremony. 

 The working conditions in the banks for Officers is said to be so bad that 70% of Officers above the age of 50 are standing on the toe to take VRS.   So, the 2nd pension scheme has come as an opportunity for them to get out of the inhuman conditions in banks. So, after next pension scheme the staff position in all PSU banks is going to be too precarious.

This is going to create a severe crisis in the entire banking industry and about 10,000 branches are expected to be closed for want of suitable staff. On one side government talks about financial inclusion that is  to bring entire population of the country under Banking network,  and on the other side  the government is thoughtlessly implementing 2nd  pension  scheme for bank employees , which will completely negate the ambitious financial inclusion plan of the Govt.

Ultimately it will be the ordinary Bank customers, especially seniors citizens like us, who have to face the severe hardships .   The Bank mergers will only compound the problems. Therefore, we want to know what remedial steps the govt or the RBI has taken to solve the turmoil in the Banking Industry which is sure to rise within next 6 months.

P.  Venkatesh    Kamath


Roads to death
This is apropos of the Deccan Herald Editorial dated 5th Dec 2009 ''Blood on Roads". While a murder becomes sensationalized, death in road accidents is not taken seriously by either media or by authorities. It is published by Media in just a casual manner. Media should sensitize the public on road safety and help in reducing road accidents

Deadly road accidents have become common in Indian roads Last year(2008) in India 1,14,000 people died on road accidents  which are often caused by aging vehicles, overloading, reckless , drunken and ill trained drivers, badly maintained Roads without  proper illumination.

 The major cause of accidents is the fact that traffic rules are not rigidly enforced. Certain important steps should be taken immediately to reduce accidents.  Licensing authority should carry out strict driving tests. Traffic police should strictly enforce traffic rules on helmet, Seat belt and No use of mobile and safety for pedestrians.    

If we can arrange to send Road accidents victims within golden period of one hour to specialize Trauma Centre by well equipped ambulances, 25-35% accident victims can be saved 
Ramesh G jethwani

Ensure fixed fees for Akrama- Sakrama
Though the Akrama-Sakrama scheme by itself encourages construction of illegal buildings constructed in a haphazard manner thus destroying the beauty of the city,the fees for regularising the irregularity should not be based on discretionary powers of the authority of collecting the fees,as it encourages corruption.

Though the media has reported that the fees are fixed depending upon the area of the building and the authority of collecting the fees should be told in unmistakable terms not to deviate from collecting fixed fees under no circumstances.

As the media has reported that only about 1 or 2% of buildings constructed out of 20 Lakhs buildings are as per sanctioned plan and the remaining buildings belongs to the category of Akrama-Sakrama,and any deviation exercised in collecting the fees based on discretionary powers will bring huge loss to the civic body.

Therefore strict instructions be issued to the civic body to desist from exercising discretionary powers while collecting fees and to stick on fixed fees only.

B S Raghavendra Rao


Kudos to team India

 The convincing Test series victory against Srilanka,and India becoming world number one in Test cricket is  a great feeling for the Indian cricket lovers. It was a fantastic contribution by batsmen as well as bowlers which made this achievement possible,and Virender Sehwag who deservedly took away the man of the match and man of the series awards is the current darling of the followers of the game !.


The Indian Cricket Team has scaled great heights by getting to the top of the ICC Rankings.The Dhoni's boys made short work of the Lankans on the final day at Mumbai.Not many expected a win in the first ten overs on the 5th.and final day.Many were still entering the stadium expecting Sangakara to put up a stiff fight with his bowlers to give him company as batsmen.

It was nice to hear both Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar give credit to the entire team for it's performance.The bowlers bowled well and the batsmen too batted very well.In all the excitement and elation that followed India's great victory,it was refreshing to note that the Babri Masjid issue was completely sidelined and almost forgotten.

For people like the Shiv Sena Supremo,it must be emphasised that the victory was first India's and then Mumbai's !!!! since the test was played at the Brabourne Stadium and not at the Wankhede Stadium !!!!

 Let us hope that the Indian team does not slip from the number one position in the coming months.As Dhoni put it,now that India has reached the Number One position,it must maintain that status.


 Captain M.S.Dhoni & his team mates must be congratulated for bringing victory by an innings and 24 runs in the third and final test against Sri Lanka at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai. By this victory they   have written the name of our country in the indellible ink as No.1 test  team among world's cricket playing nations. Captain Dhoni also has   associated his name with India's splended achievement, firstly as a victorious captain and secondly as a wicket keeper who has taken 101  catches or dismissals in his personal cricket history. Surely this was  a proud Sunday in the history of India's Cricket. The name of Brabourne Stadium which was forgotten for the last 36 years, can never be forgotten.

 Sukumar Talpady

Kudos to India cricket team!  After a gap of 36 years, at the Brabourne Stadium when Muttiah Muralitharan edged a flighted delivery from Harbhajan Singh to Dhoni to bring down the curtains on the Lankan innings, it not only gave India a continuous two Innings victory in the Test matches but also helped dislodged South Africa from the top. India's victory was possible due to the contribution of each player in the team, which is rare in the Team India.

But this Test would be best remembered for the blazing 293-run knock that Virender Sehwag played and  though he missed out on becoming the first batsman in the game's history to score three triple tons, his innings inspired India's 101st Test win.

Bidyut Kumar Chatterjee

 Congratulations to Indian Team as they are crowned number one test team, this is a mile stone in Indian cricket history, they won the series against Sri-Lanka 2-0 convincingly. It is team work that helped them to achieve this distinction, as every player contributed to his potential, and Dhoni led from the front. It is good see the veterans performing exceptionally well, especially Dravid and Tendulkar, and there are no words to describe the batting of Sewhag who changed the course of the game as the opponents remained clueless about his batting display.


Inamdar Ramachandra


Climate Change Summit
All roads lead to Copenhagen, with the much-touted Climate Change Summit scheduled to take off on Monday in the Danish capital. The conference will be the largest climate meet ever with over 100 heads of state including US president Barack Obama and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and 15,000 people attending it ("PM to join Obama in Copenhagen", DH, Dec.06).

 The significance of the Copenhagen summit cannot be overemphasized against the murky backdrop of carbon emissions taking a heavy toll on the health of our planet with extreme weather conditions. Already three major players US, China and India have voluntary announced their emission cuts.

 This gesture will go a long way in inspiring all other countries unveil their emission reduction targets. It is sincerely hoped that the Copenhagen summit will deliver a strong message to a beleaguered world to put its act together swiftly. Mankind's deliverance lies in its unity. It is now or never.

B H Shanmukhappa


Act tough with Pak
It was proper that no meetings were held on the sidelines of the recent CHOGM with Pakistan by our Foreign Minister Krishna or PM Manmohan Singh. India has done more than enough in extending the hand of friendship inspite of the needless provocation time and again by Pakistan culminating in the complicity of the Pak intelligence agencies in the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. Pakistani leaders at various levels starting from the President downwards to the Interior Minister and the Army Chief speak in different voices but the common refrain is to rebut India at any cost.

 They also seem to be speaking to shore up their constituencies within Pakistan rather than attempting to make progress on any of the problems plaguing the Indo-Pak relationship.
They also forget that the Pakistani hand has been exposed in almost every single terrorist attack or plot that has been targeted at the West since 9/11. Thus unless the Pakistani authorities put their house in order there should not be any official level interaction between India with Pakistan it. 

S Kamat


Babri anniversary
This is with reference to another anniversary of the Babri mosque tragedy at Ayodhya After 17 years of probe of the judicial commission that has indicted names of those involved in this sad incident the findings of report has been not totally impartial to include all the names with truth .The demonstrators who executed this task years before have openly expressed that they have no regret for the act they committed nevertheless Indian judicial system has failed to use its power for  delivering justice.

Syed Khaja
New Delhi

Create suburbs for Bangalore
All leading dailies of Bangalore have done an admirable job, highlighting the severe problems suffered by Bangalore citizens during the recent weeks. They have practically covered every lane and road of Bangalore.

 They have also published hundreds of suggestions, many of them brilliant ones from the youth. But not one of them including top corporate experts, town planners, social activists, bureaucrats etc. have come out with practical and realistic solutions. These thousands of o suggestions and ideas will just do not solve the congestion, traffic jams, pollutions and traffic fights etc.

 They are all at the most cosmetic surgery and temporary solutions. Simple commonsense tells that unless you stop the vertical and horizontal explosive growth of Bangalore, the situation will become hellish. More number of cars, trucks, autos and two wheelers are being added in hundreds everyday.

 Residential houses are being sold and demolished yielding to high rise buildings or commercial complexes. Bangalore roads just cannot take any more traffic density. Then, why are we fooling ourselves with a hope that Bangalore will become Shanghai or Singapore.
 The only realistic answer is: Arrest the building Growth; don’t permit any more commercial complexes, and high-rise buildings. But plan and build fast new suburbs with good connectivity with Bangalore. In the new suburbs, 40 percent of the land should be earmarked for roads, footpaths, shopping malls to house all types of commercial establishments, schools and hospitals with car parking facilities, playgrounds and stadiums, small forests, parks for morning walkers and playing children etc.

In the current BBMP area, we do not have even 5% of space for the items just mentioned. I got this information while talking to town planning experts, architects and the elite of society in some leading cities of USA like Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Columbus, Ohio and San Francisco in USA.
More traffic lights and traffic police, a host of underpasses and flyovers will never solve Bangalore's congestion. I am not a pessimist. I love Bangalore and want it better than Singapore or Shanghai. Our city will have a population of over 10 million in the next 3 to 4 years. So, what are we going to do?



Building regularisation
It is reported that there are about seven lakh properties which have deviated the bye laws which are to be regularised by payment of penalty. The Government is expecting to collect about 10000 crores by this under a reduced penalty scheme.
Irregularities have taken place under the nose of Government officials who have been let off with out any action. The builders who have constructed the buildings and sold by making money are untouched and the owner is now supposed to pay the penalty to fill the coffers of the Government. Needless to say that every stage the common man is victimized and money goes to the pockets of Government officials in one form or the other.
The Government has to be awarded a Super Noble prize for this noble act. The intention is only to harass public and make money in every possible way. This is very clear by the Government's act of extending the cut off date to Dec 2009 which means though originally the scheme was floated three years back no action seems to have been put in place to curb the menace till date.
. If the Government is sincere to help people, they should regularize all deviations to date free of cost and enforce the rules strictly


Karunanidhi’s gesture
CM of TN has hinted that he would quit active politics by 2010 middle as he has already achieved most of his goals and that he wants to be closer to 'people' by coming out of politics.

It is a good gesture on the part of the veteran politician who dominated the TN politics in and out of power.


Goa’s infrastructure problems

The Goa government cannot get its priorities right. Instead of trying to improve Goa's basic infrastructure which is crumbling, the Aam admi is made to dream of the moon. The monsoons are only just over but taps in many parts of Goa are already running dry. December and the following months, the scenario can only get worse. The power supply continues to be erratic and there is no will to solve the alarming garbage crisis or to eradicate the mounting number of stray dogs.

 A government which for years has been unable to fix a retaining wall opposite the Government Secretariat, now wants to get its fingers on a colossal  pie,   over Rs 1000 crore Dona Paula - Vasco sea link.

Aires Rodrigues


Open letter to Hon'ble Shri. JayRam Ramesh, Minister of Environment & Forest, GOI.


 Dear Minister,

Steps announced by you to meet the emission reduction figure include legislation for mandatory fuel efficiency standards for all types of vehicles by 2011. However for reducing energy intensity by improving energy efficiency, the legislation already exists in the form of 'Energy Conservation Act', which is still not implemented since 2001 for the reasons best known to GOI. This amply demonstrates the futility of legislation for mandatory fuel efficiency. If such trend continues what will happen to the target of cutting carbon emissions 25 % by 2020?

After enacting EC Act in 2000, GOI is feeling the need of amending the Act by introducing concept of energy certificate for incentivising 'energy efficiency'. Does this imply that EC Act did not include the concept of energy efficiency?  Why should there be double standards for treatment of 'fuel efficiency' & 'energy efficiency'?

 Secondly, it is to bring to your notice that 'climate change disaster' occurs due to impact of global GHG emission and not on the value of per capita emission (PCE). Nature is not going to evaluate PCE before wrecking global hevoc which will hurt poor the worst. PCE has been useful only to prevent accountability of legally binding emissions cuts. India is sixth largest producer of Global emissions and so PCE entitlements can not be extended in perpetuity. Several developed countries are faced with negative population growth and in some countries, high 'Human Development Index' (HDI) are coupled with low PCE, which gives skewed reference point. Poor in poor countries are the worst victims of pollution and climate change. With new economic opportunities, it makes sense to control emissions & reduce poverty instead of hiding behind the veil of voluntary domestic committments without international accountability. It is time to put an end to voluntary committments & dreams of self-regulations by moving backwards for several years.


TDRs for road widening useless

Instead of issuing TDR for road widening projects , it will better to settled the matter by givingmarket value of built up area. This can be one by collecting extra moneyaddition to the property tax by just 10% called as road widening Tax for a certain period till the required amount is collected. After all thedevelopment is meant for whole public of Bangalore. TDR does not hold any value unless the BBMP stops sanctioning irregular unplanned layouts & developments

Attaulla Sharieff

Leaders’ lament
The country's PM Manmohan Singh says that urban chaos is becoming a way of life and our cities and towns are not acceptable face of a rapidly modernizing and developing economy.On an earlier occasion another Central Minister, Jairam Ramesh had remarked that if there is a Noble award for the dirtiest cities.India should be eligible for one.

Here in Karnataka, the duly elected CM Yeddyurappa almost cried publicly saying that politicians of his ilk have let down the people. All this coming from leaders who matter and who can effectively turn the tide by initiating corrective steps shows that they are behaving like cry babies.The question that needs to be asked is ;are they fit to lead the country?   

C.S.Hayavadana Rao

Train politicians
India is the world's largest democracy & politicians are vested with the responsibility of running this huge country's affairs. 

While there is structured educational programs with training in every conceivable profession including acting, we do not have any facilities to train politicians whose critical involvement is embedded in every practical aspect of life.

It is time we have in India a world-class institution to make politics a distinguished profession commanding respect & to eventually become a role-model among the 180 countries around the globe.  Will our Parliamentarians allow themselves such a high patriotic privilege & dump away the 'only money-making craze' of the presentday practices?

 Poda De

Judges should disclose assets

The Supreme Court has made it clear that Dinkaran, the Karnataka High Court judge would not be considered for promotion as a Supreme Court judge. The Govt as well as the Apex court are convinced that Dinkaran has made assets beyond his known source of income through unfair practices.

There might be not just one but several such Dinakarans in different courts.So it is necessary for the Suprme Court to insist that every judge should disclose his assets.


Provide stoppage for train
It should be noted that existing 2429/2430 Bangalore- H.Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express  and 2627/2628 Bangalore-New Delhi Karnataka Express trains  need a brief five minute stoppage at Mantralayam Road Station.

People depend on overnight trains from Bangalore to reach Mantralayam like 6530 Udyan Express,1014 Kulra Express and 6592 Hampi Express. But it is difficult to obtain a confirmed berth in both Up and Down directions, even under Tatkal Quota as quotas are limited for this station and are mainly earmarked for other stations. The situation is worse during the time of 'Aradhana Festivities', weekends and on other important occasions to even obtain a confirmed berth in advance if one plans to visit on these occasions.

 Depending on KSRTC/APSRTC buses is also not viable option keeping in mind the overnight journey time taken to travel by road apart from volatile road conditions and non availability of superfast trains to reach Mantralaya has further created a problem in obtaining confirmed berths.

Also most of the 2 Tier and 3 Tier AC berths in case of 2429/2430  Bangalore-H.Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express remain vacant till Secunderabad, as the quota is filled up  only from Secunderabad onwards for Kazipet,Nagpur and Bhopal station. Hence the vacant quota can be optimally utilized by adding road side/pool side quotas for Mantralaya Road station and gain patronage for Bangalore-Secunderabad Quota.

As an announcement has been already made and the schedule of the new Bangalore Rajdhani Express 2493/2494 (which will run via new route Guntkal-Kurnool Town-Kachguda) has  been published in Zonal Time Table and All India Time Table, it is high time that Bangalore Rajdhani and Karnataka Express are provided stoppage at Mantralayam Road Station

Hence Railway Board  should arrange for immediate stoppage for the above two superfast express trains at the earliest and help people to reach Bangalore/New Delhi from  Mantralayam without any hassles

 Varun Dambal

Supreme Court and RTI

The Supreme Court has issued notices against two separate directions by the Central Information Commission (CIC) to keep itself beyond the clutches of the Rights to Information (Act) for now.  In response to an application by a citizen under the RTI Act, the CIC recently directed the Apex Court to disclose the pertinent information related to the elevation of three judges to the highest court, allegedly superseding other deserving senior candidates.  In the other case, the CIC ordered that the chief justice of India (CJI) must reveal his communication with a Madras High Court justice, R. Raghupati, who had declared in an open court that a Union Minister personally telephoned him and tried to influence the outcome of a pending litigation.  Over the past several weeks, the name of the central minister who tried to sway the opinion of a high court judge has been the subject of a great deal of speculation in the media.   Obviously, disclosure of the communication between the CJI and Justice Raghupati under the RTI Act is likely to shed light about the identity of this brazenly atrocious political leader.  The decision of the Supreme Court to stay the two CIC directives is likely to stimulate further negative public opinion about the judicial system.

 A similar "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA) has been in vogue in the USA since 1966.  While comparable laws in support of freedom to obtain information were enacted in most developed countries long time ago, the RTI Act was passed in India only in 2005.  The RTI Act was framed with the primary aim to bring better transparency in the functioning of the government and to stop corruption in public services.  None of the two instances for which the CIC directed the Apex Court to disclose relevant information involved any issue concerning "national security", the only exception where information may not be sought under the RTI Act.

  The Delhi High Court has recently ruled that information about judges' assets may also be obtained from the Apex Court since the office of the CJI is a "public office" and fall under the ambit of the RTI Act.  Unfortunately, it appears that the Supreme Court does not share the same view as it has already filed an appeal against the Delhi High Court decision.  Ironically, counsels for the Supreme Court have preferred to bypass the Delhi High Court and lodged their appeal against the CIC directives directly to the Apex Court.

One has to wonder why the Supreme Court is acting in such an obdurate fashion to oppose the CIC directions and refused to reveal the information sought in the two RTI petitions.  There can hardly be any valid reason to conceal the identity of the Union Minister who tried to influence the outcome of a pending case by telephoning a high court judge.  It would be unfathomable in most civilized countries for a political leader to put extraneous pressure on a judge to manipulate his judgment.  This matter must be investigated immediately and exemplary punishment should be meted out to the perpetrator of such a heinous crime that clearly undermines our judicial system.  Also, one can hardly imagine any reason not to disclose the pertinent information related to the promotion of judges in the Supreme Court which has been sought in the other RTI application.  The recent furor by a large group of advocates and eminent jurists across the country against the selection of the chief justice of Karnataka High Court, P.D. Dinakaran, to the Apex Court has already raised serious concerns about the Supreme Court Collegiums and the present selection process for justices in Indian courts.  The central law minister, Veerappa Moily, has recently promised to bring new laws for instilling complete transparency and sprite in judges' selection process.  Of course, promises by our political leaders are usually made only to be broken.

An honest and upright justice system forms the principal foundation for building a developed nation in any democratic society.  Despite some justices of outstanding quality and integrity who have served in the Supreme Court over the years, public trust in the judicial system in India has plummeted in the recent time for more reasons than one. Like most other areas of public services, the legal system in India is also not impervious to the evils of dishonesty and vice. 

Several retired CJIs have candidly admitted the existence of corruption at almost every level in our judiciary.  The justice delivery system in democratic society is always conducted in public view in the open courtrooms. There can be no justifiable any reason for maintaining secrecy in the judicial system.  Most of the Supreme Court judges and many High Court judges have recently volunteered information about their personal wealth in a laudable gesture to quench the serious concerns raised about corruption.

 Although some have claimed that public disclosure of personal assets might hinder judicial independence, such argument has absolutely no rationale ground.  Public declaration of personal wealth can in no way undermine independent judicial decisions made by the truly honest judges.  The RTI Act should be equally applicable in our legal system.  An unfettered public access to the information from inside the courtrooms can go a long way in eradicating corruption and restoring public trust in our judiciary..                                      

Dr. Kunal Saha


Commendable act
'Dharna' for nearly four hours  by a woman IAS officer in remote village in Tamil Nadu till she succeeded in seeing that an upper caste intruder who abusively sought to intimidate Dalits at a peace meeting was arrested by the police is a  commendable act The govt of the day  should be  able to show more commitment for ameliorating the lot of Dalits who still are discriminated.

 H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana

 Provide walkways for Pedestrians
 Many programmes take place on the Palace Grounds along the Bellary Road between Kaveri Theatre and Mekhri Circle. The programmes range from Political Rallies, Musical Concerts, Religious Functions, Exhibitions, Marriages, to Auto Shows and Sundry events such as Companies holding their annual days. There are three or four sites on that road at which the events takes place and the events range from 2 hour events to 8 hours events and go on till well past midnight. Many events have parking within the site and many do not have parking within the site.

Many visitors do not want to park within the palace because it involves a very round about way of approaching the place. Hence they park in the Sadashivanagar area or in Raj Mahal Vilas Area and walk across. There also people who live in these localities who visit the events and who would like to walk across.

But they all face a very hazardous road to cross. If the crowd is too large then they literally plough through bringing the traffic to a standstill. Otherwise it is the braveheart among the pedestrians who is able to walk across the fast moving traffic. All this causes disruption in the traffic. The old and the young find it very difficult. Sometimes they have to almost take a detour of two kilometers to go across.

The BBMP seems to have infinite amount of money by the way they seem to be painting the roads and covering up the drains and eating away the sidewalks and converting them for the cars to drive on. But when they took out the traffic signals more than a year ago they said they will put some pedestrian

 Walkways and Subways on this road. But till date nothing has been done. Everyday both here between Kaveri Theatre and Mekhri Circle and at the Bus Stop at Palace Guthalli, people crossing the road survive because it is not in their Karma to die or be injured on that day. It is such a pathetic sight to see a human being stranded in the middle of the road and not being able to cross the road safely.

 Our BBMP Officials never go on foot anywhere in Bangalore. They only go in a Toyota Corolla. So they do not experience the difficulty that a Physically Challenged or a Pedestrian undergoes on a daily basis. Besides the difficulties experienced by pedestrians, when they cross the road, they create traffic jams.
 Therefore I request three Overhead Walkways/or Underground Subways on this road - two between Mekhri Circle and Kaveri Theatre and one at the Bus Stand at Palace Guthalli.
 The other alternative is to provide a traffic signal to be operated by the pedestrians, such that they get the walk sign and can cross the road safely.

I hope BBMP will find the necessary funds for this. If not they can stop painting the centre line of some minor roads and use that money to put up these walkways

 R K Ramanatha

Cutting emissions
This refers to the news of India’ s declaration to cap carbon emission voluntary by 20 to 25 per cent. Singapore’s move  to set up a separate ministry to control pollution is commendable.  Some of the western countries are spending enormous sums of money on air pollution control equipment.  India too has to wake up to the challenge.

Salauddin Kazi

 Belligerent Left

Realizing that their main support base is getting rapidly eroded, the Ganashakti mandarins have started to hold the Congress-TC axis as being solely responsible for all the problems faced by the State. Even during the first stint of the UPA government in office from 2004 to 2009 these Reds, with a 60 plus strength, as an outside supporter of the government, always kept the Congress-led coalition on tenterhooks. All the progressive measures brought by the then government were perforce kept on the back-burner due to the cantankerous attitude of these Comrades.
Their belligerent attitude ultimately led to the withdrawal of the support to the UPA Ministry over the  Nuclear deal. Despite the major reverses suffered by them in the recently held Lok Sabha polls, they still refuse to see the writing on the wall.

Arun Malankar