Illegal blasts rock Kurumgad island

Illegal blasts rock Kurumgad island

Illegal blasts rock Kurumgad island

The wire that was used for the blasts. dh photo

The island, which is in the Arabian Sea and 10 km away from the land, houses some ancient forts built by the rulers of Vijayanagar, Bijapur and Sondhaa in 1705 BC.

Presently, a resort named ‘The Great Outdoor Resort’ occupies most part of the island and its owners are said to have conducted these blasts using gelatin sticks for the construction of a road and new buildings. The tremors caused by the blasts have formed cracks on the walls of the forts.

Locals informed officials concerned about the blast after they saw smoke rising from the island. Two days after the blast, Tahsildhar Shivanand Murthy visited the island on Monday and reported back the findings to the deputy commissioner of the district.

“It has been confirmed that illegal blasts were carried out using gelatin sticks at Kurumgad island and cases will be filed against those responsible,” Shivanand Murthy told Deccan Herald. He added that a tractor and compressor were transported to the island to carry out the blasts and unlit gelatin sticks were found near the rocks.

Kurumgad island comes under the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ), which means permission for any kind of works cannot be granted. But incidentally, the permission to build 26 cottages in the island has been granted by the CRZ office.

About 32 acres of the 33 acres 10 gunta island is owned by one Florence Moberain Mathrais. The resort is run by Suresh Mumbaikar.

“As per the law, an island cannot be a private property. However, Florence Moberain Mathrais maintains that the property belongs to him. The resort is a hub of illegal activities and action needs to be taken against its owners,” said lawyer B S Pai.