Searching for a good deal

Searching for a good deal


Searching for a good deal

Some of the favourite places seem to be SP Road, Avenue Road, Jayanagar 4th block, National Market and Gandhi Bazaar. S P Road offers a variety of electronic goods like pen drives, computers, laptop accessories, CDs, DVDs, memory cards and many more at reasonable prices. This stretch is a popular haunt for anybody looking for a good deal in electronics.

When it comes to books, most of the students vote for shops on Avenue Road, which offers all kinds of books at reasonable prices with buy-back schemes. Blossoms Book House, Crossword, Sapna Book House, Gangaram’s Book Bureau are some of the shops where students like to spend time browsing.

Aneesh of BMS College of Engineering visits SP Road for inexpensive electronic items, purchases text books at Gandhi Bazaar and for general reading, visits Blossoms Book House, Crossword, Gangarams Book Bureau and Ankitha Publications.

He says, “I buy textbooks and writing materials at ‘Shri Book World’ in Gandhi Bazaar, which is close to my house. I dedicate a whole day looking for books at 'Crossword' on Residency Road and 'Blossom Book House' on Church Street.”

He further adds, “I stop at Blossom Book House for second hand titles, autographed books, rare copies as well as current bestsellers that are available at discounted  prices.”
Sapna Book House and Gangarams Book Bureau are on Nandan’s list. Nandan, an MBA student in PESIT College, votes for the shops on SP Road for books and electronic goods.

“I have purchased a head phone for my laptop and a memory stick from SP Road junction for a small price along with warranty. I also introduced the place to my friends. It is a treasure trove of stuff that we are unlikely to find in regular stores anywhere in Bangalore,” he opines.

Harsha of New Horizon College believes that bargaining plays a vital role while purchasing electronic gadgets and books on J C Road and Avenue Road.  “We get CDs, DVDs, pen drives, memory sticks here at reasonable prices. I prefer to buy electronic goods at Mohammed's Shop on J C Road. Usually we go in a group, bargain and purchase things in bulk so that we can get the best price,” he reveals.

“When it comes to books, I prefer ‘Subhash Book Store’ and ‘Mamatha Book Shop’ on Avenue Road, because I can get books of my choice for lower prices and sell it back once the course is over,” he adds.