Fellow students harassing me: DU molestation victim

Fellow students harassing me: DU molestation victim

A woman student of Dyal Singh College (Evening), on whose complaint her teacher was arrested on her charge of molestation, alleged on Friday that she is facing harassment from fellow-students on social media sites and messaging apps.

Earlier, late night on Thursday, the accused teacher was arrested and sent on a judicial remand.

The victim said that she had taken up the case first with the college anti sexual harassment committee and then went to police, but the principal denies it.

The principal, Dr Suman Sharma said that the internal complaint committee could not have acted without a formal complaint by the student.

She said that the committee’s presiding officer, a senior female teacher, had written to the police that the college administration is willing to cooperate and provide inputs to the police in the case of alleged molestation.

The teacher facing molestation charges had rejoined the college on Wednesday after five months of medical leave.

The incident according to the victim had taken place on November 14, 2013.
Police said that a woman police officer conducted the inquiry in the case.

“I made at seven calls on the police helpline number. Being the child of a single parent, I had to be brave,” the victim said, adding that she had to wait.

She accused that the teacher after rejoining the college had threatened her to refrain from pursuing the case.

Police said that they recorded the statement of other students who were known to the victim.

She told Deccan Herald that her fellow-students, who are supporting the accused teacher, have been putting up posts on Facebook and sharing messages on Whatsapp, attacking her for creating ruckus on the college campus.

The victim said that the Delhi Police has put a notice asking students not to post such deprecating remarks.

Some students allege that the gender sensitisation committee of the college is a defunct body.

“No meeting has been convened since this committee was constituted,” said a student who is part of the committee.

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