Melding the rhythm of dance with education

Melding the rhythm of dance with education

Inculcating life’s greatest values through performing arts  in the young generation, India International Rural Cultural Centre’s (IRCEN) annual series of lecture-performances on classical dance and music, started the first phase of its 35th annual series of classical dance and music recitals in the Capital's government schools. 

The first phase that will conclude on May 1 is replete with a series of performances by renowned artistes across the city. 

Having experienced the impact of the lecture-performances over the years, member secretary of IRCEN, PL Verma said, “Indian classical music and dance is the right component and tool for inspiring the youth to strengthen their capacity and get 
wedded to the sentiment of love, peace and respect for each other.” 

Though it is just the first phase, but the full extent of the programme entails, “Reminding them about the lessons that they learnt in the phase 1, the second phase serves like a reminder and the third involves interaction between the students and the guru to understand what they have learnt.

 It also includes demonstrations by the students,” says PL Verma, adding, “Through this exchange between acclaimed artistes and children, the programme envisions an exchange of values to inculcate performing arts in education. 

Each performance has a meaning to it, such as teaching them to be polite in life.” The programme targets students from Class 9 onwards. 

Every year IRCEN organises more than 300 lecture-performances on Indian classical dances and music in rural and tribal schools/colleges all over the country with the aim to infuse in the young minds the importance of human values that are associated with Indian classical dance and music. 

The programme also spreads the message of cultural integration among youth of different regions of the country. 

The students are encouraged to understand the hoary tradition of Indian arts which imbibe a national consciousness.

The programme is presented by senior performing artistes. In this edition, virtuosos such as Odissi exponents Paulami Guha, Geeta Mahalik and Kathak performer Asavari Pawar, among others, will conduct the first phase of lecture performances in Government schools  across Delhi. 

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