IIMs may allow re-test for some candidates

IIMs may allow re-test for some candidates

Prometric site report awaited

IIMs may allow re-test for some candidates

 The re-test will take place after Prometric provides site reports where such cases are assessed and subsequently approved by the Directors of the different IIMs.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the All India Convenor of CAT 2009 Satish Deodhar said the IIMs were awaiting site reports from Prometric to take a decision. “The directors will take a call on providing re-tests and identifying legitimate candidates once we get the site reports from Prometric,” Deodhar said.

A notification on the official CAT 2009 website said “Candidates at various locations experienced different technical difficulties that were related to the viruses. Prometric is currently reviewing the experiences of all the candidates who might have been impacted by computer viruses and/or other sources of potential disruption. That assessment is already underway and with the consent of the IIMs, Prometric will be offering a new test to the candidates who were impacted in this way.”

Deodhar also refused to rule out the possibility of scrapping the test altogether and holding the test afresh for all candidates. “The directors will meet and will take a comprehensive view of the  the entire testing window and then make a decision,” he said.

 Ajay Arora, the Director of T.I.M.E in Bangalore was critical of the handling of the entire episode by the organisers. “IIMs and Prometric have just shrugged off their responsibilities and are rescheduling tests just to make sure that every candidate appears.” Arora added that a re-test is absurd because there was still enough time to conduct a fool proof paper and pencil test and was probably easier to conduct the test afresh.

Meanwhile, the extended day witnessed over 8,000 rescheduled candidates take the test in 20 centres across the country. But despite the extended day conservative estimates from the organisers suggested that there were over 2,000 candidates whose reschedule has not been possible.