Headley in disguise of dead persons

Headley in disguise of dead persons

Headley changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006 to further his cover, the FBI said.

A team of officials from FBI and the Justice Department headed for Pakistan from Delhi to follow up on leads after briefing Indian authorities on its investigations into the conspiracy involving Headley, a Pakistani-American, and his Pakistani-Canadian accomplice Tahawwur Rana, in the Mumbai terror attacks.

"We have been having close consultations with Pakistani authorities in this investigation and the joint FBI-Department of Justice team will meet officials of various government agencies," US Embassy spokesman in Islamabad Rick Snelsire told PTI.

In New Delhi, Home Secretary G K Pillai said the terrorists were working on new strategies and the time has come to "think the unthinkable".
"As we have seen from the Headley case that one can still slip through the radar...Because nobody will look for a US citizen with an American passport and a business visa".

49-year-old Headley has been charged by the FBI for helping plot last year's 26/11 attacks that left 166 including six foreigners dead and 304 injured.
In August this year, deceptive answers at the airport about his travels abroad aroused the suspicion of officials and subsequently led to his arrest.

He was questioned by an inspector and ambiguous responses began to unravel his double life, the Wall Street Journal reported quoting Law Enforcement officials.
On being quizzed, Headley said he with a company named First World Immigration Service which, investigators believe, provided him a cover to scout for terror targets for LeT.

Headley's luggage was searched and it "contained no papers or other documents relating to such a business," according to court documents. They also searched tax records and found no record of income paid to Headley by the company, court records show.

Headley has been charged on twelve counts including conspiracy to bomb public places in India, to murder and maim persons in India and Denmark and provide material support to foreign terrorist plots and to provide material support to LeT.
He has also been charged of aiding and abetting murder of US citizens in India.