Ban on vehicular movement on Car Street in Udupi from Jan 5

Ban on vehicular movement on Car Street in Udupi from Jan 5

Sri Krishna temple is most vulnerable place and a potential target

Speaking at a meeet held to discuss on the need to ban movement of vehicles on Car street here on Wednesday, she said security zone will be created around the temple. Alternative parking arrangements will be made before executing the entire plan, she briefed.

The plan will be initiated considering all the inconveniences meted out to the shop keepers surrounding the area. Attempts will be made to minimise the problems.

“The terrorists who prepare the sketch will be ten steps ahead of all the intelligence planning. At this point, it is dangerous to take any sort of risk. We cannot wake up at the last moment. Danger possibilities are innumerous. There will be no violation of human rights taking place by banning vehicular movement in the area,” she added.

Road will be widened in front of Vidyodaya school to facilitate the movement of vehicles on Manipal-Beedinagudde route. Separate parking facility will be provided at Hotel Woodlands. Autorickshaw stand will be started at four places in the town.

Speaking on the occasion, SP Prawin Pawar said “last month’s mock exercise threw light on the loopholes of the security in the district. Sri Krishna temple is the most vulnerable place and a potential target according to the information procured through intelligence. It is very difficult to maintain the security without the screen mechanism. It is prime time to implement all the necessary security measures. Besides, Door Friendly Metal Detectors (DFMD) will be introduced,” he said.

As many as six gates will be installed at various specific points. Elaborate and systematic parking arrangements will be set up behind Rajangana. Separate parking slot for 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers will be set up.

The walkable distance from the parking place to the centre of the Car Street will not exceed more than 50 metres.

Former CMC member Janardhan Bhandarkar, Youth Congress leader Amrith Shenoy raised doubts over the problems meted out to the petty traders.

Traffic congestion will worsen the situation in other parts of the city, they added.
Issue of violating human rights by banning the vehicle movement was also expressed by some of the participants. The idea of distributing the vehicle pass to the vehicles was brushed aside as there was danger of forgery.

“As many mutts and temples are concentrated in this particular part of area, it is essential to have strong security arrangements. Parking the vehicles here and there has created mess. The situation has made it inevitable to have a parking zone,” said MLA Raghupathy Bhat.

Dy SP Jayanth Shetty, CMC President Dinaker Shetty, Commissioner Gokuldas and others were present.