Classic odyssey of ancient culture

Classic odyssey of ancient culture

Riveting Performance

With cultural events and vibrant performances happening every weekend, be it photography exhibitions, stage shows, plays or even performing arts, not for nothing is Delhi known as the ‘culture capital’ of the country. 

The weekend too witnessed a medley of activities with Delhiites being treated to a fine Odissi recital by the well known Odissi exponent Ranjana Gauhar and her disciples to mark the 27th year of Utsav – her Odissi  dance academy.

Utsav’s annual day function ‘Su-Tarang: A celebration of Odissi dance’ gave the audience an opportunity to appreciate and understand the dance form with a beautiful glimpse of the various facets and intricacies of Odissi. Performed on live music by artistes from Odisha and Delhi, Ranjana and her disciples, in the rich traditions of Guru-shishya parampara,  mesmerised the audience with their graceful moves, bhavas and mudras.

The colourful event, high on music and superlative performances (there were 11 items), started with a prayer to Goddess Saraswati – Manikya Veena and ended with Moksha. Some of the other items were Ta Jham Jhena, Basant Pallavi, etc.

The Odissi danseuse, a recipient of several prestigious honours including Padmashri Award and Sangeet Natak Akademi award, presented her young and senior disciples through especially choreographed dance items. Previously too, Ranjana has trained, nurtured, guided and given exposure to her talented disciples on many platforms in India as well as in foreign countries. 

The dancer and guru spoke to Metrolife after the event about her experience. “It is a moment of great pride and honour to see the children perform on stage with such confidence. They really have a long way ahead. And some of the senior disciples have even got great responses from various critics and dance lovers from across the globe. I am really proud of them.”

“I have always tried to instil discipline and love for the rich cultural tradition and heritage of our country by providing a library of books and films. I have also encouraged dialogues amongst the students to express, share and acquire knowledge about Odissi dance and music. My focus has always been on the holistic development of the students,” said Ranjana.