How about cold soup to beat the heat!

How about cold soup to beat the heat!


Suppers are almost incomplete without hot soups on a winter evening. But does the idea of a soup seem appetising even a wee bit during summers?

Well, it may excite you now as Metrolife speaks to some chefs to bring you an array of cold soups during summers. So, the next time you hit the supermarket, toss some summer fruits and vegetables into your basket, it’s time to make a cold soup.
  “In summers you either want something cold or something light which isn’t doused in hot sauces. Hot soups can be the complete opposite of this,” says Chef Jiten Singh, corporate executive chef, Amour the Patio Restaurant Cafe & Bar. 

We cannot agree more, but what comprises a cold soup essentially? The chef elaborates, “Juices are basically the extract of fruits. Cold soups on the other hand include the pulp of the fruit or vegetable.” On his menu, amongst other refreshing coolers he offers, are Classic Gazpacho, Orange & Beetroot Gazpacho and Fresh Ratnagiri Gazpacho. 

“A traditional gazpacho is a tomato-based soup that is served cold. Essentially, a vegetable soup, a gazpacho also includes bread, cucumber and sherry vinegar. If you don't want to go the classic way, switch the tomatoes for mangoes or with oranges and beetroot for interesting variations,” explains the chef. 

Distinguishing the preparation of a juice and a cold soup, Chef Anil Pandey from Raasta, the Cariabbean Lounge, explains “Cold soups are appetisers with all essential elements of conventional hot soup. They are aromatic, well seasoned with herbs and spices, initially treated with heat, but served chilled and well garnished.

 Juices are thirst quenchers and diet suppressant and they are never aromatised or treated with heat.” His restaurant offers a delectable West Indian Avocado Soup With Limon Crema in its hot-selling cold soup range. 
Chef Anurag Mathur, executive chef, Jaypee Vasant Continental talks about another interesting variant in cold soups, Borscht. It is one of the most sought after cold soups during summers and finds its origin in Ukraine. Chef Anurag says, “Borscht is also served in many culinary traditions like Latvian and in other European countries.

 We use beetroot and sour cream as the main ingredients. The soup comes packed with a lot of health benefits. It is known to boost lung function, eye health and is also good for the heart.”