Today's letters

Today's letters


Our young and experienced icons

India's singing queen Lata Manjeshkar said recently that she feels like an 18 years old, at the age of 81 years.Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar too told media that he feels he is 16 years of age after playing cricket for 20 years. Our President said that she felt like a 27 year old while flying Sukhoi 30 fighter plane. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who is 85 years old  recently hinted that he is still very young and can rule the state for many years.

 Our many central ministers and our viceroys [governors of states] of states are all very young  by the above mentioned standard. In this era of globalization, experience counts more than anything and  hence all our aspiring talented youngsters have to wait till next century before nurturing any ruling ambitions. This is however subject to vacancies after the crowning of the entire kith and kin of 'our young and experienced ruling netas'.

S M Nanjappa

Railways neglect North Karnataka

The long standing demand of people of Dharwad for the extension of  Bangalore-Hubli intercity train up to Dharwad has once again been ignored. It was being hoped that the extension would be granted during the visit of Railway Minister on December 9 but no steps have been taken in this regard. Further, the timing of Yeshwantpur-Hubli Solapur Golgumbaj Express train is not convenient to passengers. It should run as an overnight train between Hubli-Solapur instead of running in day time.

Platforms No. 2 and 3 at the newly inaugurated Tumkur station are at ground level height. This poses serious inconvenience to the passengers yet the height has not been raised.

Leaders and politicians announce the introduction of new trains for the purpose of their own publicity and passenger concerns are usually ignored.
The people of North Karnataka are still waiting for ` resons to smile' as advertised by the Railways.

Uttam O Satiya
Kusgal Road, Keshwapur
Hubli-580 023

 Corporation Elections

After a gap of more than three years, Bangalore will get to elect its Corporation Council. This would help end 'officialdom' and bring in better accountability in the corporation. The model code of conduct will come into effect from 15th Jan 2010. This means that government will have enough time to announce bonanzas to woo the voters. Yet the people should use their votes wisely
It is hoped that political parties too will field their best candidates irrespective of 'caste' or 'winnability factor'.

J Rajanikanth
2nd stage,Rajajinagar
Bangalore -10

Employment racket

It is shocking to know that hundreds of unemployed youths of Mysore were duped by a racket through fake promise of Group D jobs in Railways directly under Railway Minister's quota (D.H.-09-12-2009).
It would have been better if H.Vishwanath, the MP of Mysore had secretly reported the matter to Police and Railway Vigilance Cell, instead of cautioning the people by giving a public statement.

The public statement will alert the culprits and give them the chance to flee.
Within the last six months, many such incidents have taken place  in North Karnataka, where thousands of youths have been duped in similar way but no one has been caught due to police apathy.

In a similar incident in June in Hubli-Dharwad, 200 youths were duped by fake promise of jobs. In July this year 175 youths were duped in Belgaum by fake promise of jobs in irrigation department and BBMP. The gangsters involved in this 3 crore scam murdered a Belgaum based placement agent when he tried to expose them
The police departments of Mysore, Belgaum, and Hubli should jointly investigate these cases, so that the entire racket operating within Karnataka can be apprehended.

Anil Kumar Shetty
Anand Apts, Bagya Nagar, 3rd Cross,
Tilakwadi,  Belgaum – 6.

Prevent jumping of signals
It was heartening to read about the Transport Minister's announcement of six steps to end reckless driving ( DH Dec 9).
 I was hoping that one of these steps would be ensuring that drivers followed traffic rules such as stopping at traffic signals during red light and not overtaking from the left. Sadly it was missing. I have myself been forced to’jump’ traffic signals (generally in the early morning when the traffic cops are not around) to prevent my car from being smashed  by a bus whose driver does not hide his contempt for someone who is coming in his way .

Imagine the enormous synergistic benefits that would accrue if our public transport system was meticulous in its following of traffic rules. I do hope our honorable Transport Minister will take steps in this regard.

S. Bhashyam
Renaissance Park-2
Industrial Area, Malleswaram-West