Rural hues enliven this canvas

Rural hues enliven this canvas

The Village Arena’, a group exhibition will surely give Delhiites an opportunity to go through the different aspects and beauty of a village. Presented by Shree Yash Art Gallery the exhibition will  showcase artworks of four participants – Dr RC Bhawsar, Dr SD Shrotriya, Dr Rohini Sethi and Bhavna Sethi.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘village’. The curator and director of Shree Yash Art Gallery, Savita Agrawal, also an artist, chose this subject as she herself is very close to nature and village life.

Talking to Metrolife about the exhibition, she says, “This exhibition will showcase the scenic beauty of a village. The paintings show the love for nature and our natural surroundings – hills, mountains, lakes, pine trees, the flow of river – which appeals to our eyes. The colours and hues used, also depict nature in its true form. These artists have also tried to show the daily lives of the villagers – their household chores, fetching water from the well or even celebrating small festivals together.”

Artist, R C Bhawsar, from Madhya Pradesh has tried to show the scenic beauty of a village. He says, it is his artworks that help him to connect to the Almighty and adds to his peace of mind and helps him remain content. On the other hand, Dr S D Shrotriya from Delhi, loves the Himalayan ranges and their calm beauty. Water colours are his forte and the serenity in his paintings has the ability to move  art lovers.

The exhibition also showcases works of Dr Rohini Sethi, an upcoming artist who enjoys depicting the village life in full swing with the rural folk  going about their daily chores. Her USP is the imaginative use of colours which shows the various moods of her characters. Bhavna Sethi, is also an upcoming artist, who depicts villagers with their festivities and moulds her style with different textures.
At the exhibition a unique combination of village and beauty go hand in hand with the hardwork, sincerity and dedication of the artists.

The exhibition opens today (May 13) at the Main Foyer of India Habitat Centre and will be on till May 16.