The voice of confidence

The voice of confidence

Over the years, she has become a household name thanks to the mania that is the Indian Premier League (IPL). And model-turned-anchor Archana Vijaya is simply loving it!

The travel, according to her, is the best part of being an IPL anchor.

“You get to soak in the sights and sounds of various places. Each place is different and has different people. In fact, some of these places are ones that you normally wouldn’t go to,” she says.

Talking of travel, she has been to most places across the world with her favourites being Paris, New York and closer home, Kashmir! “But Ibiza is one place that I haven’t been to. So I plan to go there this summer,” she quips.

Having been associated with the IPL for several years now, she recalls that when she was offered to host the much-loved tournament, she wasn’t really surprised.

“I was doing travel shows and one thing led to another and I started doing a show called Tour Diaries for Neo Cricket,” she explains. Soon, IPL was in her kitty
too! “It’s a no-brainer,” she explains. “It’s ‘cricketainment’ and that’s what even I stand for,” she adds.

But how hard is it for a woman to be a part of the male-dominated game? 

She retorts, “It’s like any other job. You just have to deliver what is expected of you.” Yes, being an eye-candy wasn’t easy initially, she admits.

“When I first came, everyone was focussing on what I was wearing.

Being a glamour factor, you are scrutinised. But then, pretty women are a dime a dozen! You have to go beyond that to sustain and make a career out of the field,” she says.

She has had several memorable moments in the IPL, with the best being dancing in the studio with Shah Rukh Khan to Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo! 

Ask her about her favourite team and she has no qualms admitting that she is rooting for ‘Kings XI Punjab’! 

“I am impressed by them and this season, I want a new team to win. I wanted any of the boys in red – either Royal Challengers Bangalore or Kings XI Punjab – to win and I’m glad that at least one of them (Kings XI Punjab) is putting up a great show,” she exclaims.

Does she ever think of acting in films?

“Actually, I’m quite happy doing what I do and have never been free. When I first came to Mumbai, I didn’t come with the dream of becoming an actor. 

But now, after so many years of fashion and anchoring, I probably need to experiment. And if something good comes along, why not,” she sums up.  
Deepa Natarajan Lobo