Now, jackfruit wine to jack up your spirits

Now, jackfruit wine to jack up your spirits

Now, jackfruit wine to jack up your spirits

Wine connoisseurs may get to taste a different variety of their favourite drink if the University of Agricultural Sciences had its way.

The varsity has developed an undistilled alcoholic beverage made from jackfruit.

According to K B Suresha, Assistant Professor of Dairy Technology, UAS-B, the wine made from jackfruit contains seven-eight per cent alcohol compared to 12-14 per cent in the wine prepared from grapes. “Unlike the conventional grape exposed to huge quantity of pesticides, jackfruit is an organic fruit and no chemicals are used to grow it,” he said. However, he apprehended that grape growers may stall the entry of the new wine into the market unless the government makes policy changes.

Chocolates, halwa, pedas, juice, squash and ice cream made from jackfruit were on available at the international symposium on jackfruit and bread fruit organised on the UAS campus.

C V Thomas, a retired government employee, has made pedas and halwa from jackfruit. He said that the products were a hit with non-resident Indians and he was getting queries from foreign countries as well.

 “I have created a small market in Ernakulam. Now I am planning to supply the products to a few supermarkets in Bangalore,” he said. Renjan Jose from Bean and Bar had displayed chocolates made from jackfruit, cocoa and honey.

Another interesting product was jackfruit kebab invented by Parivarthan, an integral rural development organisation from Sakarayapatna, Kadur taluk in Chikmagalur district. 

University vice-chancellor Dr K Narayana Gowda said that jackfruit growers were not able to find a market for their produce and there was a need to constitute a jackfruit development board. 

“There are no proper records on the number of jackfruit growers in the State. The dairy milk producers’ co-operative societies in districts and taluks can play a major role in providing information about jackfruit growers,” he added.