Lalu Prasad admits defeat but cautions people against Modi

Lalu Prasad admits defeat but cautions people against Modi

Lalu Prasad admits defeat but cautions people against Modi

Conceding defeat, RJD chief Lalu Prasad today congratulated Narendra Modi but cautioned the people against him and the BJP.

"The results have been completely against my expectations and hope. We tried our best to ensure the welfare of the country and its people. Our supporters, especially our Muslim brothers had worked very hard for our party and I thank them all. I also congratulate Narendra Modi on his success," said Prasad.

His residence, where he was speaking to media persons, wore a deserted look as his wife Rabri Devi and daughter Misa Bharti were trailing behind their rivals by around 40,000 and 45,000 votes respectively from Saran and Patliputra Lok Sabha constituencies in the final rounds of counting of votes.

Evading questions on Rabri Devi and Misa, Prasad said "Whatever may be the results, I can only say that the people of our country will beat their heads and repent about it. Those who have elected Narendra Modi will realise sooner or later that they took a wrong and disastrous decision."

The people, he said, should be cautious against the forces 'that want to divide and disintegrate India'. "Secular forces in our country should unite against the communal powers."

"The BJP has very dangerous designs over the country. It will bring out its hidden agenda slowly. Don't be fooled that when BJP leaders in Bihar said that those who won't vote for their party should be sent to Pakistan it was without the blessings of Modi. Remember the communal remarks of Vishwa Hindu Parishad's Praveen Togadia," he said.

RJD has so far scored a win in only one Lok Sabha seat out of 40 in Bihar and has maintained a healthy lead over three others.

"I do not worry about victory or defeat. I will keep fighting against the communal forces. This is a psychological war against people like us who want the good of the nation are being demoralised," Prasad added.