Beaming with pride

Beaming with pride

toppers talk

Beaming with pride

The CBSE class X results have left the high scorers not only jubilant but also confident about their future. Those who scored the maximum CGPA of 10 tell Metrolife about the effort that they put in and the unconditional support and guidance offered by their parents and teachers.

Sneha PendharkarDelhi Public School (East)Sneha says that it was hard work and concentration that helped her score so well. “It feels like all my hard work has paid off,” says an elated Sneha. Her mother Suhasini says that Sneha has been studying on her own and has been quite independent when it comes to academics. “She worked hard as well as took part in the extra-curricular activities.”

Sai SharanDelhi Public School (South)Sai Sharan is happy that his hard work paid off. Talking about his ‘success mantra’, Sai says, “I would study for five hours everyday. I just stuck to the NCERT textbooks and didn’t go beyond that.” To relax, he would either watch television or use the computer. “I also played cricket whenever I needed a break,” he says. Sai wants to opt for science with computers and aims to get into IIT after that. “I’m also interested in robotics,” he adds.  His parents Anitha A and Ramesh KN are extremely proud. Ramesh says that Sai was always a disciplined child who would stick to a planned routine. “He was hardworking and used to focus on all the subjects. All I told him was that he should clear all his doubts in any subject as and when they occurred and that accumulating them wouldn’t help,” says the father. Ramesh says that he laid equal stress on studies and relaxation during the preparations. “Whenever he wanted to relax, I used to hang out with him,” Ramesh smiles and adds.
Megha BalachandraKensri School 

Megha Balachandra has represented her school at various national and international events and won honours for it. Megha says, “Concentrating in class and revising lessons daily helped reduce the burden towards the end. My teachers, friends and the founder of the school played a very decisive role in contributing to my success,” she confesses. 

   Megha thinks that strengthening the basic concepts gives a deeper understanding of the subject. 

   Her father Balachandra says, “We have always tried our best to support our daughter in whatever she has wanted to do. She has always been an independent child who has stuck to a disciplined routine both in her academics and other work.”

Shalini PrasadDelhi Public School (East)

Shalini’s father Sai Prasad says that Shalini needed a small push and a bit of motivation to do well and that is what helped her score so well. “Most of it has been her hard work. She is a very responsible student and I would give her all the credit for doing so well,” says a proud Sai Prasad. Shalini, on the other hand, says that her parents encouraged her and that motivated her to do well. “I want to take up science in future,” she explains.  

Anamika KunduDelhi Public School (East)Anamika feels that being consistent is what helped her get high marks in the examination. “I worked hard throughout the year, we had many pre-board exams in the school and that helped me revise. Her father Amitava is thrilled and says that though he was not directly involved in her studies, he helped her with the project work. “She has put in a lot of effort and her mother and I tried to be around and help her throughout.”

Mehak MalikCMR National Public School

Mehak Malik, one of the top scorers of CMR National Public School, says that continuous self-assessment helped her get the top score. “I would pay extra attention to the subjects that I was weak in and my preparations during the pre-boards helped a lot. I wish to pursue a career in the civil services because I see scope for change and believe that I can contribute to it in a big way,” she shares. 

   Her mother Monika Malik says that she would always be around to cheer her daughter whenever she felta little low. Her father Malik notes, “The basic objective was to give her freedom and make her understand right from wrong. We have given her the right kind of exposure and now it is up to her to harness her inner strength and excel.” 

Prahalad SureshDelhi Public School (South)

Prahalad Suresh says that his maths teacher was a blessing. “He helped me solve problems analytically and develop speed while solving them. He also made me solve a lot of question papers so that I could get the knack of solving problems,” he says. Prahalad adds that while preparing, he also made notes for other subjects like social sciences, so that he could refer back to them as and when required. His parents Suresh Kumar and Priya Suresh always wanted him to focus his energy entirely on studies and do well. Priya says that she kept reminding Prahalad that there is no dearth of facilities and opportunities in life. 

Aman DesaiDelhi Public School (North)

Aman Desai secured the maximum CGPA of 10 with an additional star. He says that focussing in class and performing well in all the class tests helped. “I chalked out a time-table before my exams and tried my best to stick to that. I enjoy studying maths and science, so scoring well in those subjects didn’t require me to put in any extra effort,” confesses Aman. He wants to research about quantum mechanics and quantum computing. His father Amish Desai says, “We have always given our son enough space and let him do things on his own. He has always been quite inquisitive and revised his lessons everyday.”
Palak JSS Public School, HBR Layout

Palak was confident that she would do well and why not? It was her father Anil Srivastav, a lecturer, who helped her in subjects such as maths and computer science. “My father helped me prepare and revise. I did not take any tuitions,” she says. Her father is extremely proud and says that she put in a lot of hard work. “I helped her and made sure that she understood the basic concepts.”

Anudruth ManjunathDelhi Public School (South)

Anudruth is happy about his score and says that he couldn’t have done it without the support of his parents and teachers. “My mother would keep reminding me that I had to dedicate more time to studies but I would read only for about two hours everyday.

 I maintained this routine throughout though and put in extra effort a few months before the exam. The preparatory exams helped a lot too,” says Anudruth. He says that whenever he stayed up in the night, his parents would stay up with him too to make sure that he didn’t sleep off. “My teachers also kept reminding me that I could approach them at any time to clear my doubts,” he says. To beat stress, Anudruth would watch television or listen to music. 

His parents R Manjunath and SR Kalpana always wanted the best for him and thus encouraged him to work hard. Kalpana says that Anudruth has always been an intelligent and knowledgable child who would grab things easily. 

Vaishnavi SureshKendra Vidyalaya (Hebbal)
For Taekwando champion Vaishnavi, scoring a 10 CGPA wasn’t a task at all. Despite missing many classes, she managed to be a top scorer. “I did not study much but I concentrated whenever I sat down to study,” she says. Her father Suresh Kumar is really proud of her daughter.

Dhanya ShettyDelhi Public School (East)

Dhanya says that she did not study all day and did not stop doing her favourite things. It was a regular and systematic approach that did the trick for her. “I did not spend the whole day studying and tried to focus whenever I sat down to study,” says an excited Dhanya. The results came out just in time for her birthday and it was perhaps one of the best gifts that she got. Her father Sharath Shetty feels that her hard work has paid off.

Tejas SKendra Vidyalaya (Hebbal)

Tejas feels that following a routine was the key to his success. “I would come home from school and study for four to five hours. During the holidays, I put in a total of seven hours.” His mother Bharathi was a constant support for him and says that she tried to be there for him every little way possible. “I made a time-table for him and made sure that he followed it,” she notes.

Vrinda DimriDelhi Public School (North) 

Vrinda Dimri dedicates as much time to tennis as she does to studies. Her inspiration is her mother Renu Dimri, who is an academician. “I made it a point to study through the year. I managed to balance academics and tennis, thanks to the immense support of my family,” says Vrinda. 

Renu adds, “I did everything I could to provide mental strength to Vrinda so that she could balance academics and tennis.” 

Shradha SaperuDelhi Public School (North) 

Shradha Saperu, a student of Delhi Public School (North), plays the keyboard to relax and watches television to beat stress. “For me, taking rest is equivalent to watching television. I would sit with my books before the television and when I was tired of studying, I would switch to watching TV. I hope to pursue engineering or further my interest in pure science,” she says. Her mother Meenakshi Saperu points out that it is very difficult to get Shradha to sit in one place. “She’s the only lively element in house. She always completes her work and never keeps anything for the last minute,” Meenakshi says.

As told to Nina C George, Treena Mukherjee and Tini Sara Anien