Sporting a fashionably casual look

Sporting a fashionably casual look

Sporting a fashionably casual look

The brand has now gone a step further by launching a new sub-brand called ‘Jealous Club 21’ which includes an exciting collection of funky tees, summer-ready tops, party dresses and bottoms.

From sheer and shine to florals and even black and whites, this super-stylish brand has all the trends to get you geared for the season ahead. 
The new range of clothes and accessories are meant for college-goers and young party animals. They can be worn to college as well as an evening out. And care has been taken to make each cut and design look distinct.

Rachna Agarwal, CEO of Indus League, explains that the brand promises every girl a dream get-up. After trying out different combinations, they can buy what suits them the best.

The brand stocks an enviable range of designs such as the ‘Dream Boat’ collection consisting of tops and dresses inspired from classic stripes, motifs and a vintage palette of red, white, blue and green.

The ‘Monochrome’ collection has pieces designed in black and white.

There are also floral designs in soft tones and flowing silhouettes with tops and dresses from the ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Glitz’ collection.

These even feature body-hugging cuts and little black dresses embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The ‘Calypso’ line consists of georgette tops and dresses in shades of summery yellows, reds, blues and pastels. One can even choose from the many Bohemian-inspired printed shirts, dresses and tunics from the ‘Boho Chic’ collection.

Rachna points out that the collection has been cut to fit the taste of the modern woman be it college-goers or working category.

The pricing is reasonable as the makers know that style and economy go hand in hand.

The ‘Jealous Club 21 Spring Summer’14 Collection’ comprising the must-haves is priced between Rs 799 and Rs 1,999. 

Rachna Agarwal believes that it is the blend of cut, colour and design that makes all the dresses appear attractive.

Accessories and footwear, Rachna feels, should not be overdone.

She reasons that since the clothes are bright and colourful, minimal accessories will look more attractive. She thinks all the clothes barring the ones that have elaborate work on them should be teamed with the right accessories.

“One will have to wear the right accessories to make the dress look perfect and we stock a range of such funky accessories to cater to different tastes,” she sums up.