Students develop beach cleaning machine

Students develop beach cleaning machine

 To make beach cleaning easier and convenient, the mechanical engineering students of  Shree Devi Institute of Technology, Mangalore, have designed an innovative beach cleaning machine. 

Beach cleaning is normally done manually. Mangalore being a coastal city, attracts a lot of tourists and families to the beach and being Mangalorean, it was our duty and responsibility to maintain our beach surroundings clean and free from the pollutants, said the students who were part of the team. The equipment not only collects the waste (sticks, non degradable waste), but also separates, which is easy for waste disposal. 

The team that came out with beach cleaning machine comprised Darryl D’Souza, Sudarshan J, Vinyas A and Vinesh from eighth semester Mechanical Engineering section. The team was guided by Mechanical department Head Prof Suresh Munje, Assistant Professor Chandana N C and was supported by Principal Dilip Kumar K. In a press release, students said the machine can be used to remove litters, sharp shells, glass, rock and excessive seaweed from the beaches. The machine mainly consists of an engine which run through fossil fuel.

 The waste collected through conveyor blade along with the sand which falls off through the perforations on the conveyor back to the sand bed. Separation of waste material takes place through principle of density difference. It consists of two hoppers where the different waste gets collected which facilitates easy disposal of waste. A 110 cc engine is used in the machine. 

The release said that the beach cleaning machine is the mechanised way of driving the vehicle by accelerating the throttle. A 12 volt battery energizes the ignition coil. The energised coil directs the amplified current towards the engine motor and the spark plug. The motor cranks the engine and spark plug ignites the fuel and the engine gets started. The engine speed is controlled by operating the continous variable transmission in turn by varying the engine throttle.