Hypothyroidism on rise among women

Hypothyroidism on rise among women

A large number of hypothyroidism cases coming to light has drawn attention towards a need to focus on women’s health. 

The same, being an auto immune disorder, City doctors say it needs to be addressed at the earliest. 

A study conducted by Metropolis group of diagnostic labs, revealed that out of 39,140 samples considered for nationwide study, 18 per cent were found with high Thyroid Stimulating Harmone levels that lead to Hypothyroidism. 

Over 47 per cent of them fell under the age group 20 to 30. 

Over 16 per cent screened in the 20 to 30 age group showed high TSH levels, while the margin increased to 22 per cent in those in their 30s.  

Samples screened in the age group 40 to 50 recorded 26 per cent high TSH. 

R V Metropolis Healthcare Private Limited Managing Director said “on everyday basis, we examine about 600 samples in the City. 30 per cent of the reports reveal thyroid abnormalities and majority are female. We are seeing it grown on par with the number of diabetic patients.” 

With Hypothyroidism being an auto-immune disorder, it ups the risk of other associated problems. 

Gunasheela Nursing Home Gynecologist Dr Devika Gunasheela said “The condition would increase the risk of Cardio Vascular Disease, diabetes and other problems. The same would also lead to menstrual irregularities and thus anaemia.”

She explained that it was important to have regular checks once diagnosed with the problem. “It is important to be on regular medication. Early diagnosis plays major role,”  she added. 

She said it was important for women to keep a check on the same during pre and post pregnancy period. 

“Sometimes if it goes un-noticed for long, there would be problems during conception,” she added. While the disorder is said to be chronic, supplements bring back the conditions to near normal, assure endocrinologists. 

World Hospital Endocrinology Head Dr Hari HaranSakra said based on weight and other parameters of an individual, the supplement for thyroid harmone is provided. Hypothyroidism is an auto-immune disorder where the body considers itself as non-self. The gland gets gradually destroyed thus.”