PM to meet ministers today

PM to meet ministers today

After taking over as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi will meet his 45 council of ministers on Monday to give his governance mantra which follows asking his colleagues to set a 100-day agenda. 

Realising that celebration over emphatic victory is ceasing ground to mountainous expectation, Modi is likely to emphasise core areas his ministers need to focus on while he is also expected to take a feedback from them on some important issues. It is basically an idea exchange meetings Modi is having, said a BJP source. 

Earlier, Modi had set a ten-point agenda for his ministers which laid emphasis on good governance, encouraging bureaucrats to perform fearlessly which would help the government come out of policy paralysis and speeding economic related work besides completing UPA government’s unfinished task.

Modi had also scrapped the empowered group of ministers and group of ministers, which was dispute-resolving internal mechanism among ministries former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had constituted, and reverted the issues taken up these groups back to ministers. This was done due to conflicting views of different ministers on subjects common to their ministries. To resolve it, Modi has already clubbed ministries for better synergy.

The prime minister is taking rounds to meet several arms of the government and party colleagues.  

Meanwhile, the official Facebook page of the Prime Minister's Office has invited over 1.1 million ‘likes’. “The official Facebook page of the Prime Minister’s Office has crossed a million likes in the 4 days of being launched,” the PMO tweeted.