In love with the uncertainties

In love with the uncertainties

In love with the uncertainties

Actress Sakshi Agarwal is eagerly waiting for the release of Heddari, a Kannada movie, directed by Prathap Gowda. A model and an actress in Tamil and Kannada films, she has starred in the Tamil movie, ‘No Parking’, and made a guest appearance in Raja Rani.

She will soon be seen in Karaab Story, a movie that will be released in Kannada and Tamil. Sakshi, a chirpy and enthusiastic actress, has received the best of both worlds.

A gold medalist from Anna University, Chennai, she had worked as a senior consultant in an MNC after finishing her MBA. “It was a crazy ride initially. I was working throughout the week and I dedicated my weekends to modelling. However, when I had to make a choice, I decided that I would take this up as a career.”

She received her first break when she was modelling for ‘Fashion Diaries’, after which, someone spotted her talent and asked her to model for TV commercials.

She has gone on to shoot for various print advertisements and commercials and has modelled for many fashion shows. She also took dancing classes and went through formal training in acting. She also hired a tutor home so that she could learn Kannada and Tamil.  

When asked what she loves most about her job, ‘it’s the craziness’, she quips. “I love the uncertainties and madness in my job. Today, I am in Bangalore, but tomorrow morning I may get a call to shoot elsewhere.

In this journey, my most memorable moment was when my mom was called on stage for a show for which I was the showstopper. It was a great feeling,” she said. 

When asked what she loves most about the City, she said that it’s the friendly nature of Bangalore and how the City accepts outsiders. 

“Bangalore is extremely warm, welcoming and friendly. The people have given me immense support. Though I am always travelling, thanks to my work, I literally search for moments in Bangalore. I always want to come back to this City,” she said. “I advise youngsters to pursue their creative dreams but  also have a solid academic foundation to fall back on.”