KSRTC buses ply 'illegally' on tolled flyover to save time

KSRTC buses ply 'illegally' on tolled flyover to save time

KSRTC buses ply 'illegally' on tolled flyover to save time

First, it was the BMTC buses which were plying illegally on the KIA expressway leaving commuters waiting for them on the road beneath hassled and now the State-run KSRTC buses are plying illegally on the Expressway on Hosur Road.

As per sources, many buses, mostly to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, on their way back to the City are opting to ply on the Expressway to avoid traffic snarls beneath.

The expressway is a toll road and they do not have permission to ply here. They also do not have the monthly permit.

The bus crew has been collecting money from the passengers to buy the toll ticket, which costs Rs 215 for a multi-axle bus, one-way.

Paying extra happily

While most of the passengers are happily paying Rs 10 to Rs 20 towards buying the toll ticket as it saves them time and chaos on the road, KSRTC officials say these buses are plying illegally on the toll road flyover and these are supposed to allow passengers to get down on the road below.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, KSRTC Managing Director Manjunath Prasad said, “These buses are not supposed to ply on the flyover and we have not given them permission to take the buses on the flyover. It is wrong if they are charging the passengers for toll. If these buses were supposed to take the flyover, we would have made the provision of the toll monthly pass ourselves. The reason we do not allow these buses to take the flyover is that a large number of passengers get down on the road below and they will not be able to do so if the buses ply on the flyover. I have told the concerned DTO to check the malpractice. Action will be taken against those found guilty”.

Prashanth K, a passenger who was onboard a KSRTC multi-axle Volvo bus from Pondicherry to Bangalore last week, said, “As we were approaching Electronics City, the conductor sought Rs 10 to Rs 15 from every passenger in the bus so that it could be taken on the flyover. Most of the passengers who were to get down a little ahead on the road below were asked to alight before the flyover. The rest of the passengers did not say anything as paying the money saved them time.The KSRTC should make it legal by allowing some buses on the flyover. Instead of the conductor collecting money later, the amount can be incorporated into the ticket fare.”