Standing united in a world of diverse cultures

Standing united in a world of diverse cultures

Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is.. Hans Urs von Balthasar

Unity in diversity is the speciality of this world that we live in. In spite of great variety in our cultures and economies, our beliefs are the same at subtle levels. 

We all know that in nature, diversity is for both balance and beauty. Under such a scheme, survival is inherent for smooth living. But one wonders as to what is the element that exists in human efficacy, that like a silken weave meticulously binds us together on this earth? It’s undoubtedly the Divinity that makes us indeed spiritual entities who are originally pure and peace loving souls.

Our very common heritage is that we are all the children of the Almighty Supreme and entitled to an endowment of peace and happiness that has to be experienced within for entitlement.This basic understanding, along with diversity of natures in the form of various religions, societies, culture and philosophies, then becomes a pattern of natural creation as well as the course of survival to life’s fulfillment.

Looking at the current situation across the world, one cannot deny the fact that we all are living under a constant state of fear, apprehension, insecurity and aggression. However, even under these awful coerce situations, if we uphold the inner consciousness of the eternal and immortal soul that we originally are, then we need not fear anything, including death from war or natural calamities, etc.

 But, if we are entangled in a shallow mind, becoming physically conscious about the race, religion and nationality of others, then it might lead to mass intolerance which in turn would bring in  jealousy, competition, comparison and an inability to openly share our love with others. Remember, divisibility is the creation of the mind, the outer surface. Hence, the more we learn to share love with others unconditionally, the more we would receive it in abundance from the Supreme.

Today, with the growing transcontinental ideas, opinions and human needs, there is a requisite shortage of pure love, compassion, honesty and at times forgiveness. 

Under such a scenario, if we surrender our imperfections willingly and start loving and nurturing our transcendental self and our human family, then there will never be any wanting to any kind, nor will there ever be fear and territorialism. So, let’s come together to create peace and harmony on earth, with renewed consciousness of ‘One World One Family’.