Making a difference in society

Making a difference in society

Making a difference in society

Surana College recently celebrated ‘World Environment Day’ on campus. The students made all efforts to ensure that the students are aware of their surroundings.

The theme for the celebration was held under the banner of ‘I Wish’, where the management urged the students to take all measures to preserve the environment.

The campaign stressed on promoting a cleaner, healthier and greener planet to live in.

The management did well to instill in students the ill-effects of haphazard development.
Addressing the students, Archana Surana, founder and managing trustee of Surana College said, “We have been talking about global warming for a while now but are we doing enough to conserve our planet? That’s the big question.”

The solution lies within us and what we need is ‘collective action and responsibility.’

“What each one of us does everyday has a direct impact on our environment. Everyone should put their best foot forward in conserving our planet.

Our idea is to bring students and teachers together on a common platform and create awareness among them.

The young are definitely working towards making a difference in society,” she added.

About 100 students, including teachers, participated in the campaign. Their fight for
a clean and healthy environment created an impact of sorts.

Students also handed over saplings to the people, encouraging them to plant more trees for a greener City.

The rally started from Cubbon Park and culminated at MG Road Metro Station.

Students and teachers were seen holding banners and placards with meaningful messages printed on them about protecting the environment.

The students also did their bit to pick up the garbage in the surroundings and clean up the mess.