314 tourist hubs likely to be rated by global agencies

314 tourist hubs likely to be rated by global agencies

314 tourist hubs likely to be rated by global agencies

Tourist attractions in Karnataka will be rated with other benchmarked destinations across the world if the efforts by the tourism department bear fruits in the near future. The department is in talks with six top agencies which judge tourism destinations on a set of parameters.

Officials in the department say one meeting has already been held with five out of the six rating agencies, including Brickworks, Crystal etc.

Another meeting will be held in a fortnight to finalise the guidelines and a broad framework to rate the 314 destinations from across Karnataka selected based on the Nanjundappa Committee Report, 2002.

Besides the 314 destinations, about 20 tourism products such as ecotourism, wellness tourism, adventure tourism, health tourism, weekend tourism, rural tourism, as well as Yatri Nivas hotels, etc, will be rated once the guidelines are decided.

Modes of connectivity

The guidelines will be based on the modes of connectivity of the tourist destinations, the facilities available, accessibility, tourist friendliness etc.

An official in the department said on the condition of anonymity: “We are in final talks with the noted agencies and have asked them to come up with their proposals for guidelines/parameters to rate the tourism sector, including hotels, tourist places and other tourism-related projects which lead to a standardisation in the State.

The ratings will help tourists to know more about tourism in the State and choose the destinations in a clear way.”

Tie-up with 17 varsities

The department is also tying up with 17 universities across Karnataka to offer appreciation courses for guides, taxi drivers, hotel staff etc for giving a fillip to tourism in the State for better rapport with tourists and give them comprehensive information about tourist spots. Officials say the department will offer support to institutions in the State which offer tourism and tourism-related programmes, including language centres such as Alliance Française, Max Mueller Bhavan, etc.

Contact classes will be encouraged in affiliated educational/training institutions and the award of degrees and diploma certificates from accredited institutions and universities facilitated.

Vocational training centre

The department will also introduce at least one government-aided and sponsored vocational training centre in each major city in Karnataka with special emphasis on training for tourist guides and support staff in housekeeping, front office, reception, etc across all tourist destinations.