Abode of tigers

Abode of tigers

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Anshi tiger reserve is a small park spread over 250 sq km and together with Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, the reserve is about 875 sq.km in area.

 The forest is dense which makes it an ideal ground for wildlife to live in peace. The best time to visit is October to May.

Some of the activities that could be undertaken are: jungle walk, bird watching, and safari in the forest. Home stay and nature camp facilities are available near the wildlife sanctuary which could arrange various eco-friendly related activities besides providing room, food and transport. 

Safari inside a wildlife sanctuary is always an exciting adventure. We came across wild boar, deer of various types and a variety of birds, peacock, Jungle fowl and Malabar hornbill.

The presence of many anthills indicates that the park has several species of snakes from King cobra to pythons. The forests provide a thick green cover supporting teak, bamboo, eucalyptus, silver oak to name a few. It is rich in biodiversity.

Water holes provide the much needed water for the wildlife as well as aquatic animals, birds and plants.  A point, named S R Bhagwat 

Sunset Point, is a lovely spot to get a commanding view of the forests and the hills. Reddish-coloured rocks indicate the presence of iron ore, which suggests mining was done earlier before the wildlife park came into existence.

It is interesting to note the presence of a small village near the entrance where villagers live in harmony with nature. Some of them are assigned work related to the upkeep of the forest.