Rock to a dynamic style

Rock to a dynamic style

Boundless Energy

Music afficionados have much to cheer about as DJ Missill will be performing at the The Humming Tree on June 25, 9 pm.

Missill has created her own ultra-dynamic style, which also includes doing her own artwork, clothes lines, her own music instruments, video games, iphone app and has also decorated clubs in France, Moscow and Turkey with her designs.

She spent the last few years playing over 800 gigs at every major festival, and countless clubs.

It is her versatility and her own style of music that saw her entertaining crowds of up to 100,000 and touring the world (over 35 countries across the five continents) to play at some of the biggest clubs, festivals where she has really made her mark, thanks to her innovative and dynamic style.

The sounds she make are fresh, the mixes are original and her boundless energy is contagious.

Her third album, ‘Kawaï’ was produced using an eight-bit soundbank, remaining you of Nintendo’s Tetris and other video games from the 80s. There are many impressive featurings such as ‘Rye Rye’, ‘MC ‘Dynamite’, ‘AlunaGeorges’ and many others.