Airlines protest BIAL discount to AirAsia

Airlines protest BIAL discount to AirAsia

Airlines protest BIAL discount to AirAsia

After the unsuccessful bid to block the entry of AirAsia India, competitors have now opened a fresh front against the new player by protesting against Bangalore airport’s decision to give discounts to airline, which uses the airport as their base.

AirAsia India has started using Bangalore as its operational hub since it started its initial flights from there and the rivals allege that the Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) decision is aimed at benefiting AirAsia India.

Rivals like IndiGo and SpiceJet, who have come under a common platform of Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA), feel that the discounts give an unfair advantage to AirAsia India as no other airport offers such incentives. However, they refused to comment when approached.

AirAsia India is the only carrier in India that uses Bangalore as its base.  Sources said AirAsia’s rivals are taking up the issue with the authorities.

They believe, if one goes by the BIAL decision, Jet Airways should get similar discounts in Mumbai airport and Air India at New Delhi airport.

They also claim they provide more passengers to the Bangalore airport than AirAsia India and they should be given concessions, if any.

This move by the competitors is the fresh salvo fired at the new entrant. Earlier, the rivals had approached various fora, including the judiciary, to block the operationalisation of the new airline.