'It felt like I played for the team'

'It felt like I played for the team'

French Toast

While the football fever is on, expatriates are enjoying the season to its core by gathering at public screenings and hosting house parties cum screenings at their own residences. 

At one such private screening, some expatriates from France who are working in Bangalore had a memorable evening as they cheered on their home country who were battling Switzerland on the field. 

Nicolas Mirguet, at whose house the screening was held, said that the French feeling is more intense when one is watching the game in Bangalore compared to France. “The spirit is much more when one is away from home.” Nicolas added that he and the group were so excited about the screening that their landlord advised them to keep a check on the volume. “We made sure that we didn’t bother the neighbours,” he added.

To add to the local flavour, different French items like pate de campagne, saucisson, baguette, foie gras de canard along with some momos and fried noodles, were also spread out for the group. Using a projector, the game was streamed for the big screen experience.

The group said that since the FIFA World Cup began, it has been like a festival where even people who are not  football fans join in to watch the game. 

Thomas Peyroutas, a football fan, said that a game of football brings the family together back in France and here, they are spending some quality time with friends. “It was a good and different experience. And France’s win added to the joy of the time spent together,” he said.

Thomas added that Monday was more fun as when he walked into office and his colleagues got up, cheered and congratulated him. “It almost felt like I played for the team and they were cheering me for my performance,” he said.