Funky hairstyles to show your love for the game

Funky hairstyles to show your love for the game

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It’s football everywhere. And it is not just because Uruguay’s Luis Suarez has been accused of biting Italy's defender Giorgio Chiellini and the ‘bite controversy’ trending on social networking sites.

Some passionate followers of the sport have soaked themselves into the flavour of the season by adopting the hairstyles of their favourite football icons to flaunt their loyalties!

“Hairstyles have always been one of the main attractions at FIFA and 2014 is no different,” says Shahnaz Hussain, CEO of popular herbal and ayurvedic cosmetic and beauty products Shahnaz Herbals Inc.

“According to reports, soccer fans are getting the FIFA World Cup Trophy Haircut, showing the trophy at the back of the head in various colours! Mainly short hairstyles seem to be in this year,” she points out. 

“Ronaldo, one of the icons of FIFA, is said to be very particular about his hairstyle. He has a gelled faux hawk look, which is already becoming popular and Balotelli’s Mohawk style is sure to get a lot attention. I feel that Neymar’s hairstyle will be followed the most, because he is on his way to becoming an iconic player like Pele and the long fringe seems to suit him,” says Hussain.

Hair dresser Ayesha Mistry at TIGI believes Neymar-Da-Silva’s haircut is undoubtedly very interesting. “He is wearing his hair in a classic Moh­­awk, except maintaining a little more length at the back. Apply the hairwax throughout the hair and pull the hair up, out through the top as well as the back of the head,” says Mistry.

She says as football frenzy is at a high, soccer enthusiasts who are following the hairstyles of their favourite players are getting more close to the game. She begins with David Beckham, “He has been known for various hairstyles during his career. No surprise he is now wearing his hair in the latest trend. To achieve this look the hair needs to be cut shorter from the sides and the back while the hair is left longer on the top and disconnected from the bottom,” says Mistry. 

Robin Van Persie, captain of the Netherlands team, is also a tough contender in terms of his hairstyle. “To get Robin’s look the hair is cut clean. The top of the hair has been cut short and connected to the sides while maintaining a bit more length towards the front,” says the hair expert, pointing that this haircut is easy to manage. Mistry also mentions about Germany’s Marco Reus and Brazilian player Neymar da Silva’s hairstyles.

 “For Marco’s look a square section is taken from the high recession to slightly below the crown on both sides. The sides and back are buzzed short, also creating a slight fade around the hairline. The top cut is very disconnected from the bottom,” she says.