A 'motley' of talent

A 'motley' of talent


A 'motley' of talent

Involved: Caine Mutiny

It was raining plays at Chowdiah Hall early this week, as Bengaluru Habba presented two plays over two days — Antigone and Caine Mutiny. Though not running to packed houses, both the plays had a decent attendance. Both the plays were presented by veteran actor-director Naseeruddin Shah’s troupe Motley. The first play was Antigone, which starred Naseeruddin Shah himself, along with Ratna Pathak Shah and Benjamin Gilani in pivotal roles.

The play is an adaptation of the tragic drama Antigone by Sophocles. Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of King Creon, who is challenged by Antigone (played by Ratna Pathak Shah), the daughter of Oedipus. The King has ordered that anyone, who gives Antigone’s dead brother Polynices, a traditional burial will be put to death. However, determined to not let her brother’s body rot, Antigone goes against the King’s will.

Stellar performances by both the lead actors along with narrator Benjamin Gilani marked the play. The beautifully written dialogues of the play were rendered to perfection by all the actors. “If it was up to me, I should have had them bury your brother long ago as a mere matter of public hygiene,” says King Creon to Antigone in one scene. “My nails are broken, my fingers are bleeding, my arms are covered with the welts left by the paws of your guards — but I am a queen!” says Antigone in another scene.

The play staged on the second day was Caine Mutiny, adapted from  Herman Wouk’s play The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, which he adapted from his own novel, The Caine Mutiny.

The play is a courtroom drama, set in San Francisco post World War II, involving a bunch of Naval officers. Directed by Naseeruddin Shah, Caine Mutiny stars talented actors like Kenny Desai, Shashank Khaitan, Mihir Thakker, Primal Aloke and Jayesh Kodwani to name a few.