'Dhriti brings clarity to our perception'

'Dhriti brings clarity to our perception'

 So, externally our life seems to be under control, but internally it is shaky and variable.   The way we react to each situation and interaction in our relationships decides whether we feel happy, peaceful, irritated or inspired.  Though there is a remote possibility that we can break away from all permanent relationships in the external world and live a solitary life seeking peace, the way we experience life still depends on the state of our mind and intensity of focus.

Focus depends on our internal relationships - the connectivity between our thoughts, their precision, steadiness, awareness and the quality of feelings they evoke and the vibrations they generate.

Focus also depends on the quality of our intellect. When the intellect lacks tenacity, focus shifts from one goal to another very quickly and we can neither progress in the outer world, nor evolve in the inner world. We are bombarded by stress, strain, tension and mental fatigue and thereby depend heavily on external stimulants like tea, coffee and the adulation and appreciation of others to motivate us. Instead, we can easily recharge ourselves by focusing on the perennial power source within.

That is why the sages gave us so many spiritual traditions and practices like meditation, prayer and chanting to maintain connectivity with the soul.  When we follow these spiritual traditions, our focus acquires the phenomenal quality of 'Dhriti'. Dhriti is steadfastness, sharpness, stability, determination, firmness, precision and intellect. With 'Dhriti' our focus becomes like a traveller in a jet plane. Though the plane is covering vast distances at high speed, the traveller inside is sitting still. 

Likewise, though our life moves at high velocity towards progress and our focus remains still, calm, relaxed, but completely aware of all that is happening.  We can see and feel that the quality of our life inside and outside is progressing quickly like a picture which is worth more than a thousand words.

Our focus now established in Dhriti peels away all our thoughts layer by layer and bores through our karmic ignorance to feel the presence of the soul within. So 'Dhriti' brings great clarity to our perception and empowers us to distinguish easily between our body and soul. It gives us an extreme sense of faith and trust in ourselves.

When we imbibe 'Dhriti' or focus by basing our lives on spiritual tradition, we will be able to live with joy, love with joy and overflow with joy every moment feeling enriched all through.