5,555 voters to decide fate of 5 candidates

5,555 voters to decide fate of 5 candidates

5,555 voters to decide fate of 5 candidates

The elections for the Legislative Council from the local bodies of Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts will be held on Friday. Total 5,555 voters from both the districts will decide the fate of 5,555 candidates.

Initially there were 5,545 voters in both the districts. The number of voters increased to 5,555 when the orders to nominate five members each from City Municipal Councils of Kolar Gold Fields and Bangarpet taluks were issued.
Thus, Naseer Ahmad is contesting as the Congress candidate, Y Surendra as the BJP candidate, Venkatreddy, M D Shivananda and S G Narayangowda as independent candidates.


A total of two members of Parliament, 11 members of the Legislative Assembly, four members of the Legislative Council, 55 members of the Zilla Panchayat, 207 members of the Taluk Panchayat, 4,921 members of the Gram Panchayats and 350 members from the local bodies will be exercising their franchise.

There are total 167 polling booths in Kolar and 163 polling booths in Chikkaballapur. Thus, polling will take place in 330 polling booths, from both the districts. There are 528 voters in Srinivaspur taluk, 528 voters in Mulbagal taluk, 655 voters in Kolar, 804 voters in Bangarpet and 504 voters at Malur taluk in Kolar district.

There are 432 voters in Bagepalli taluk, 138 voters in Gudibande taluk, 671 voters in Gauribidnur taluk, 405 voters in Chikkaballapur taluk, 449 voters in Shidlaghatta taluk and 597 voters in Chintamani taluk of Chikkaballapur district.

Elections will take place in the Gram Panchayats and Taluk Panchayats from 8 am to 4 pm. A total of 1,325 staff, inlcuding police personnel, have been appointed on election duties, informed Assistant Election Officer S N Gangadharaiah.

Sensitive, very sensitive

Elections will be taking place in total 330 voting booths, out of which 167 are in Kolar and 163 are in Chikkaballapur districts. The Revenue department and the Police department, have prepared two separate lists of sensitive and very sensitive polling booths in both the districts.

The list prepared by the Police department is as follows:

In Kolar district

In Kolar district, Kolar taluk has 13 very sensitive and 25 sensitive polling booths. There are 20 very sensitive polling booths in Malur taluk and 10 sensitive polling booths and 13 very sensitive in Mulbagal taluk.

In Srinivaspur taluk, there are 11 very sensitive and 16 sensitive polling booths. And in Bangarpet, there 18 very sensitive polling booths and 22 sensitive polling booths.

A head constable and two constables will be appointed to every extremely sensitive polling booths. And also for sensitive booths a head constable and two contables have been appointed by the Police department.

There are totally 28 mobile squads to monitor the elections. Six will be deputed in Malur, seven in Mulbagal, seven in Srinivaspur and eight in Kolar taluks. There are only 17 PSIs in Kolar district, while 28 members are required for the mobile squads.

Where ever there is a shortage of PSI staff, ASIs are being appointed. There was also a shortage for 162 head constables, while only, 117 members were available. Constables are being deputed in those places, where ever there is a shortage of head constables.

Apart from this, 19 strike forces have also been appointed, which comprises of total 55 people, including five ASIs, ten chief constables and 40 constables. Eight strike forces will be deputed in Kolar district, six in Chikkaballapur district and five strike forces will be deputed in Kolar Gold Fields, the officials have informed.

In Chikkaballapur district

There are 12 very sensitive polling booths identified in Bagepalli taluk of Chikkaballapur district. Three extremely sensitive booths have been identified in Gudibande taluk, six very sensitive booths and 20 sensitive booths have been identified in Gauribidnur taluk, and four very sensitive booths and seven sensitive booths have been indentified in Chikkaballapur taluk. 13 very sensitive and 16 sensitive booths are in Shidlaghatta taluk, while, nine very sensitive and 14 sensitive booths have been identified in Chintamani taluk.

Every extremely sensitive polling booth will be appointed with an assistant sub-inspector, a head constable and a constable. Every sensitive booth will be appointed with a head constable and a constable.

In the normal polling booths, only one constable will be appointed in both the districts. 28 mobile squads have been created in Chikkaballapur district.  32 assistant sub inspectors, 72 head constables, 222 constables and 50 women constables have been appointed for election duties. Two DySPs, seven inspectors, 28 SIs, 28 head constables and 56 constables have been appointed for strike forces.

Staff in polling booths

A total of 404 staff members and 356 staff members have been appointed at the polling booths on election duties in Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts, respectively. Each polling booth will two appointed staff members. College lecturers and High School teachers have been appointed for these duties.

Teams comprising of first grade officials have been appointed for supervision works in Kolar district. Seven officials have been appointed in Kolar taluk, six in Bangarpet, four in Malur and five officials each in Mulbagal and Srinivaspur taluks, respectively. These officials will be supervising the works on the polling day.

Counting of votes

The counting of votes will be taking place on Dec 21, at the deputy director’s office of Sericulture department in Kolar City, from 8 am. Counting of votes will take place on 15 tables in the first phase. 32 members have appointed for the counting of votes. The results will be announced on the same day.

Dial these nos for poll malpractices

District and taluk-level teams comprising of officials have been formed in order to keep a watch on the political parties and party wokers for poll malpractices. The public can also make a call and inform poll-related crimes on the following numbers:

District-level officials:

Deputy Director of Horticulture department Dhanraj - 94485 92678, Block Education Officer K S Nagarajgowda - 94806 95868.

Kolar taluk:

M Narayanappa - 94481 69466, D M Narayanswamy - 94480 55818, Malur taluk: K Venkatesh - 99017 71226, Gangadharaiah - 94480 32404. Bangarpet taluk: Dhananjay - 98450 15130, K Jayaraj - 94806 95266, Mulbagal taluk: Padmanabh - 94806 95270, Y M Venkatarayappa - 99800 64420, Srinivaspur taluk:  C H Victor - 94806 95271, Musheer Ahmad - 98864 37626.