'I wanted to make our country proud'

'I wanted to make our country proud'

'I wanted to make our country proud'

It isn’t easy to make a mark on the global stage, especially in the modelling industry where every second person you bump into wants to be a model or a celebrity.

But Prateek Jain, who grabbed the fifth spot at the prestigious  ‘Mr World 2014’ finale which was held recently in Torbay, UK, confesses that it’s only hard work and determination that has got him to the top slot.

“Everybody loves glamour. You can wear good clothes and look glamorous but modelling is lot of hard work apart from just looking good. You have to perfect a lot of things on the side like your personality, your walk, talk, attitude…and all this should eventually have a humbling effect on you,” Prateek tells Metrolife.

Prateek began his career in a financial company and continued to pursue his passion for mixed martial arts. “I started combat fighting and I wanted to be a fighter but an injury forced me to stop and that’s how modelling happened,” he states.

He recalls that he trained really hard for the international ramp. “My training for ‘Mr World’ was intense and hardcore. Time was a huge factor. I hit the training ground of the armed forces and trained in obstacle courses which the soldiers get trained for during war time. It was that rigorous,” he recollects.

So does he regret being so close to winning the title yet not winning it? “More than winning the title, I wanted to make our country proud. I stood fifth in the contest and that in itself is an achievement. There were 50 countries who sent their best men to battle it out on the world stage,” he shares. 

It is only but natural that models get into the film industry and Prateek confesses that he was flooded with offers after he returned from the contest. “I love to entertain people. I have grown up watching Bollywood movies and I am proud that our country has the largest film industry in the world. I have a lot of offers and I hope to be on the big screen pretty soon,” he says rather excitedly.
Prateek was born and raised in Bangalore and he says that the City has made him who he is today. “Not many know that I am from Bangalore. Everybody who hops into the City will fall in love with it and I am no different,” he sums up.