Good group dance

Good group dance

Good group dance

The Sanskriti Centre for Performing Arts, is a popular music and dance school in Bangalore South.

The school has been training young aspirants from the last 15 years under the guidance of Suchitra Alakananda. Last week, the school conducted the annual “Naada Nupura”, for which Suchitra presented a number of items choreographed by Natyacharya VS Kaushik in the “Nanjangud Parampare” such as ‘Kamalakshi’ (Kambodhi), Brihadambikaye (Vasantha). The late Kaushik was one of the earliest Natuvanar, who choreographed “Antahpura Geethe” of DVG. Students of Sanskriti performed for selected lyrics of Anthapurageethe such as – Veena Paani, Yeneemahanandame, Kutila Kuntale, Mukura Mugde and Jaganmohini. Changing roles in quick succession, the young students performed with gay abandon. Dramatising the episodes, they neatly performed the “Sadhinchane”, a well known composition.They also chose a devaranama (Hemme Aagalu Bedi) and a thillana. They were well supported by Suchitra Alakananda (vocal), Asha (Natuvanga), Purushothama (mridanga), Madhusudhan (violin) and Skanda Kumar (Flute).
In the footsteps of KVN

R Ashwat Narayanan, one of the many talented young musicians waiting to gain public accolade, gave a vocal recital at the Bangalore Lalithakala Parishat on Friday. He started his music lessons with Palghat KV Narayanswamy and is continuing training under Padma Narayanswamy. A B.Tech graduate, Narayanan has already performed at some of the leading Sabhas and has also won a few prizes, including The Hindu Sarigama MSS Award.

It was clear from the beginning of the concert that Ashwath Narayanan has a commendable grasp over the different facets of a concert and can deliver the goods. The highlight of his recital was the legendary krithi “Koluvaiyunnade”. In this composition Saint Tyagaraja pleads – “Lord Kodanda (Rama) is holding Court with Sita Devi! Let us prostrate before Him, and wipe off our sins”. The young vocalist elaborated with good ragalapana, nerval and swaraprasthara, which was good in both form and content. HS Smitha, who was on the violin, responded adequately. The percussionists (BR Srinivas and ASN Swamy) gave good support, though the ‘Tani’ was slightly prolonged in the brief concert. Earlier, he sang the stately kruthi ‘Vandanamu’ with good feeling. Devaranamas (Rama Rama Enniro and Baro Krishnaiah) – were also well received by the audience.
Upcoming dancer

Last week, Sri Raksha , an upcoming artiste, gave a Bharathanatya recital at the Indian Institute of World Culture. She is a student of “Kalakshithi” and has been trained by veteran artiste Prof MR Krishnamurthy. She has acted in few TV serials and has performed in some of the productions of her dance school. 

In the current programme, Sri Raksha had chosen all the customary items of a Bharathanatya recital. Alaripu (Tisra), Vachana (Holleva Kenjade) and Shabda – presented in the beginning. As usual, varna was the main item of the programme. The Kharaharapriya varna “Parameshwari” (Music – Vidushi D. Shashikala) was proof of her good training. She did well in both nritha and nritya and her abhinaya came to fore in “Indendu Vachithira” and the “Bhamini Mani” and concluded with a devaranama (Kannare Kande Na Achuthana) and a thillana. Sri Raksha will have a good future with some more higher training and stage experience.

Bharathy Venugopal (vocal), Suchitra (Natuvanga), R Ramesh (mridanga) and Dr Nataraja Murthy (violin) – supported the dancer from the wings.