Bold and beautiful

Bold and beautiful

Bold and beautiful

A penthouse is all about class, space and luxury. Sharmila Chand offers some ideas to redefine your penthouse.

Fancy a luxurious abode that’s located on the highest floor of the building? Well, then you need to have good ideas to make it stylish and functional.

First, let us understand what makes a penthouse different from any other apartment. Architects call the highest structure that extends beyond the main walls of a building a ‘penthouse’.

It doesn’t extend through the entire roof area. The size and design of a penthouse and other apartments are certainly different. Penthouses are larger and also feature a second level at times.

The term penthouse, however, can at times only indicate that the apartment is located on the top floor. Sub-penthouses and lower-penthouses are used to describe the apartments that are located beneath the penthouse.

Penthouse apartments are common in large cities. Their location is strategic  – right in the centre of the city, allowing their owners to enjoy some beautiful views from those heights.

Exclusive layout
Penthouses usually have a terrace and a swimming pool. Sometimes, they are built in such a way that their ceilings are higher than those of regular apartments. In some places, penthouse owners are also given a private entrance or an elevator to their floor.

‘Wow’ & warmth factors

Notable for the spectacular views and lavish interiors the penthouses offer, they are heralded as the ultimate luxury space in a city. Truly enjoying your splendid space requires a good design, clever utilisation of space, and delivery of the ‘wow’ factor.

One needs to be very careful in choosing the right materials and high quality appliances and systems.
Penthouse interior design is often modern, but it can be decorated in any style from ethnic to traditional. Due to it’s unconventional structure and large space, a penthouse can be decorated in many different ways and the space can suit all the needs of its owner.

Remember, any theme and interior design must be carefully considered to ensure that open spaces don’t seem cold and sparse. When designing, try to divide the space to create zones for living, eating and entertaining, and to help with privacy.

In order to create a ‘wow’ factor, and a stunning masterpiece in design, remember it’s also a home, so getting the balance right is crucial.

Space & light

Since penthouses are perched upon a rooftop, they have the maximum benefit of light and space. One must further enhance these elements using large expanses of glass such as double or triple heighted windows and doors. This, in combination with an open plan layout ensures light is not blocked and panoramic views are easily viewable.

Window space is important; penthouse apartments typically utilise sliding glass doors to allow maximum light into the room.

In terms of colour palette, stick to neutral colours. Experts say that a single colour theme usually works the best. It accentuates a very spacious feel. Too many colours and patterns break the space and make it look small. Neutral colours are the best options for the walls to enjoy natural light. At the most, you can add a splash of colour on the wall around the window for a bit of drama.

Let in the natural light

Do not play around with natural light. You need plenty of natural light to illuminate the architecture of your apartment and also make it feel bigger. Heavy curtains are a big no. Opt for sheer fabrics and simple blinds which will allow light to get through even when the blinds are drawn.

Minimalism is the key

Space comes into play with the modern, minimalistic look. If you don’t get the open and airy feel of a penthouse apartment, you will miss its best feature.

Avoid cluttering up the space with too much furniture as this will make the space feel much smaller. Simple, contemporary style furniture will help to utilise and maximise the space adequately.

For instance, you can invest in a chic bed with drawers. These provide a luxurious modern look with room to hide all your knick-knacks. Look for a wardrobe unit with large sliding doors to have a contemporary theme.

Resist the urge to add too many accessories to the room. Placing only some special souvenirs will have more impact than cluttering up your space with a number of common items.

Mirrors play a big role

If you like interiors with mirrors, then your penthouse is just right for them. Placing mirrors opposite a window in a room helps as the window is reflected, making it seem that there are more windows. Thereby, it makes the space feel bigger, brighter and fresher.