Here comes the gravy train

Here comes the gravy train

Here comes the gravy train

You never know what could happen when four friends who are passionate about food get together.

Buddies Sudarshan MS, Shakeel Ahmed, Chandra Mohan and Francis Xavier have come together to set in motion a gravy train that everyone wants to get on to.

Created and conceptualised by the young men, ‘De3-The Eatery’, the food truck, has caught on with people’s imagination.

People not only follow the food truck but wait to know exactly when and where it arrives. “We always wanted to do something creative, something not very familiar to us or something really challenging. So we hit upon the idea of serving food on wheels. This is not really a new concept here but we play around with the menu to create something extraordinary,” explains Sudarshan MS.   

The truck which moves around the City is prominently seen in Shantinagar, Kammanahalli and Jayanagar to begin with, has an enticing menu. The popular dishes are the cheese and mayo chicken burger, American chicken hotdogs, pastas and veg burgers with variations in mushroom, corn and paneer.

There’s also an envious choice in chicken such as chicken hamburger which as  two slices of Mexican chicken salami placed on a chicken patty with a mix of mustard and mayo with coleslaw and fresh baked buns and the American hotdog comprises sausage and mix of sauces to enhance the taste.

The four men are all professionals in their own right and confess that they were always interested in food but didn’t know how to go about the business of starting and managing a food business. This is their attempt to bring about a change in food culture in the City.

“We only ate what was made at home and that’s the idea we had about food. We wanted to present the food in a creative way. That’s how we hit the idea of remodelling a truck and converting it into a food truck,” adds Shakeel Ahmed.

Another partner in the business Francis Xavier, explains that the truck was also visualised to be a piece of art which would not only appeal to the eye but also impress the foodies. “The food truck has been raking in brisk business ever since it started but we have our bad days and super days as well,” he adds.

Chandra Mohan, another partner, says that the four of them were aware that a lot of people think twice before eating out because of the hygiene factor. “We have focussed on maintaining hygiene and ensuring good quality. The chefs always wear hand gloves, head caps, aprons just to make sure the cleanliness factor is not compromised,” he adds.

Chandra states, “We also have a centralised kitchen where all the stock gets unloaded. It is thoroughly washed in running water and stocked in clean environment.”

The regular customers confess that they love the food for it is not only economical but tasty as well. 

Mrinalini, a professional says, “I eat out quite often and I love trying out new kinds of cuisines. Food truck is popular in the West but it’s slowly catching up in India.”  For details, call 9591105369 and 8553986586.