Amrita's maid of dishonour

Amrita's maid of dishonour

Amrita's maid of dishonour

Amrita already has a staff — a spot boy, a personal assistant and a driver at her ready disposal, but hired the services of an additional maid for her mother, who requires help frequently, with the household work as the other employees are busy tending to Amrita’s needs.

This maid, apparently, was an avid fan of hers from Rajasthan, who had come via the reference of a resident from a neighbouring building. She said she intently watches each and every movie of Amrita’s, whenever she is at home, which caused a lot of unrest to Amrita as her mother’s needs seemed to be sidelined.

In fact, once Amrita’s family member caught her looking into Amrita’s personal wardrobe and trying on a few of her garments when no one was at home.

At one instance, Amrita who is a cool person, was seen getting angry but her heart melted when the maid began crying and stating how poor she was. However, things did not improve as the maid used to tag along everywhere with Amrita and started being careless in her daily chores and watched movies of Amrita’s day in and day out.
Since Amrita and her family prefer to stay away from controversies, they simply terminated her services without any prior intimation to her and never spoke about the incident to anyone. Apparently no one has seen or heard of the maid ever since.
A source close to Amrita Rao stated, “Yes, it’s true and she is going to be a little careful next time around while hiring someone new as all her present employees are people who have worked with her for years together and she prefers to have people who are not star struck around her.”

Amrita’s driver Sunil states, “Amritaji is a wonderful boss and more than an actress, she is a wonderful human being who takes exceptional care of her employees. I have observed that Amrita has immense fan following in smaller cities and have experienced crowds going berserk and security being beefed up when I have travelled with her and this was just another incident.”

Amrita’s spokesperson confirms the story and states, “Amrita was pretty wary to hire anyone new as she doesn’t like to experiment but being a family girl, her mother’s needs came first and hence, she willingly agreed. At the same time, she is one person who is quick to learn from her experiences and will be on the lookout for a new maid soon.”

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