'I look at every new project as my first film'

'I look at every new project as my first film'

'I look at every new project as my first film'

Golden Star Ganesh is returning to television after a decade with ‘Super Minute’, a game show that is a spin-off from the popular American TV show ‘Minute to Win It’.

The last time one saw Ganesh in full steam on television was in ‘Comedy Time’ which also happens to be the only solo television show to complete a 1000-episode run. Ganesh has begun work on the show which is set to take off in a few months time. 

Ganesh confesses that he is thrilled to get back to television, “Television reaches every household and it feels great to get back to where I began. This show will have a lot of entertainment and the celebrities who come on the show will also perform. Also, the prize money will be donated for a good cause,” Ganesh tells ‘Metrolife.’

While he is busy finalising the details of his new television show, Ganesh will also start shooting for ‘Style King’ where he plays a double role for the first time in his career. The teaser for the film has just hit the market and the makers of ‘Style King’ have paid tribute to Ganesh with a ten-minute video of Ganesh tracing his career from his television days to his current film, “It’s a total makeover from when I began.

I look at every new project as my first film and I think there’s a lot more that I can do with my career. People have always associated me with romantic roles but ‘Style King’ will turn a new leaf in my career,” he adds. 

Ganesh has always taken his work very seriously and prefers to work only on those scripts that challenge him as an actor. “I think all the action happens in the brain.

Nobody thought the soft-looking Aamir Khan could play a tough cop and even Salman Khan, who was once known for his romantic roles, is now  popular for his action sequences.

I am open to doing all kinds of characters provided the role is challenging,” he states. Ganesh says he reads a lot and watches movies to keep himself updated on the happenings around him. “If the script is good enough then I don’t take a long time to slip into the character. I choose my films in such a way that it appeals to all age groups, including the family crowd.

Even my action sequences are aesthetically shot,” he adds. Ganesh is currently working on ‘Buguri’ which will be his 25th film. It will be a commercial entertainer. He also has ‘Khushi Khushiyagi’ where he plays a romantic hero.