Utensil seller found with throat slit outside home

Utensil seller found with throat slit outside home

 A 28-year-old man was found with his throat slit outside his home in Ambedkar Nagar on Monday.

The man was sleeping outside his home to beat the heat.

Amit Kumar worked as a utensil seller in the same area and lived with his three brothers. Two brothers were out of town when the murder took place.

On Sunday night, Amit chose to sleep outside while his brother stayed inside the house.
In the morning, Amit’s brother came out of their home to find blood all around the cot. He removed a sheet covering Amit to find his throat slit.

He immediately informed police after which the body was sent for a post-mortem. Police have registered a case of murder.

“We have questioned his brother and some neighbours but no clue has been found. His family says they do not suspect anyone as Amit had not told them about any problem with anyone,” a police officer said.

Robbery has been ruled out and police are looking at the case from the angle of personal enmity. The victim’s wife lives in Itawa of Madhya Pradesh.