Capital's full statehood dreams may come true

Capital's full statehood dreams may come true

Centre also likely to increase power tariff subsidy

 A road map for full statehood for Delhi and enhanced subsidy on power tariff for its residents is likely to be announced soon by the central government.

Sources in the city government confirmed that they have sent the replies to Centre’s query on the possibility of full statehood and a detailed plan for further subsidy on power tariff.

Sources said the two major sops for Delhiites may be announced as early as  August 15 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

Subsidy on power tariff is likely to be enhanced for consumers using up to  600 units.
Currently the consumers in the 0-400 units slab are getting the benefit of the  tariff subsidy. Households consuming  401-800 units slab are paying at the rate Rs 7.30 per unit.

“The subsidy on the 201-400 unit slab of Rs 1.20 per unit is likely to be enhanced to 600 units. The other option is to create a new slab of 401-600 units and apply a separate subsidy on it,” a senior city government official told Deccan Herald.

The subsidy amount for Delhi government is likely to be enhanced by Rs 50-100 crore from the current Rs 260 crore per year.

“The Delhi Power Department has suggested both options to the Centre. Applying any one of them will provide huge relief to the middle class and upper middle class consumers,” the official added.

For the much-awaited demand of full statehood, the Centre is likely to follow the old plan of keeping the VIP security in the New Delhi Municipal Council area under the Union government.

Control of police

The plan suggests that Delhi Police will report to the Delhi government and not to the Lieutenant Governor and the Union Home Ministry.

“Under the full statehood plan it is proposed to bring the land owning agency – Delhi Development Authority – under the Delhi government. The agency is currently under the Union Urban Development Ministry,” the official added.

The minute details for a full statehood are already under consideration of the central government as the BJP has repeatedly demanded a full statehood for Delhi.

The Statehood of Delhi Bill, 2003, was tabled by the then deputy prime minister, L K Advani in the Lok Sabha.

The bill went to the parliamentary standing committee, headed by the then defence minister Pranab Mukherjee, but it did not have much impac. The bill lapsed when that Lok Sabha session ended.